How to find places with free wifi in your location (Unbelievably easy)

places with free wifi

Who doesn’t like browsing the internet for free? This article brings you a simple way to find places with free wifi in wherever you find yourself.

Please note that this is not a hacking tool but a very legitimate solution all for you want to access over 100 million free wifi hotspots.

Do you have a need to access the internet within the shortest possible time yet you have no enough money to cater for it? read more

How to Add Your Website and Blog to Opera News Feed

opera news

You may want to ask why should I add my site/blog to opera news feed?

Simple! Nowadays that getting genuine website traffic has become like climbing mount Everest, you need opera news feed.

Many online users are mindful of visiting websites they will not find value in.

Aside from that many sites with great content and value hardly find their way into where users can easily see them like on first 10 Google search page. read more

10 Super Easy Ways to make your computer faster Win 7, 8, 10, etc

Easy Ways to make your computer faster
How to Speed Up Your Computer

This article is created to give you 10 easy ways to make your computer faster and you do not need to be highly techy to achieve that. .

You see, it can happen to just any one.

You buy a brand new computer and put to use with good speed but after a few years it begins to be clumsy in loading, sluggish while starting even the lightest of the applications. read more

Google AdSense Approval: Here is the Magic That Saw Me Through so Easily

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Google AdSense Approval

Google AdSense approval in recent years has become almost impossible especially for certain countries like Nigeria and a host of others.

Just think of Google AdSense as an advertising program by Google where publishers, website owners, YouTube creators etc. earn money by helping their visitors have access to some companies products and services.

I have being trying to get this approval since two years back to no avail.

I read a lot of articles online about the rules to achieve Google AdSense approval, along the line I kept on learning and trying out some of those things I read, yet no approval.

Until through a very painstaking thorough research I discovered that Google algorithm and manual site review for approval  does not require very complicated rules to follow like what so-called SEO expert soften make us to believe.

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I asked myself some pertinent questions  and after that I got exactly the trick in few steps to get my Google AdSense approved easily though by adhering to certain simple Google rules which am about to share quickly in this article.

Accepted, Google is getting stricter with AdSense approval by the day, on this too I asked myself why?

I now remembered how after failing to get Google AdSense approval a couple of years back, someone lured me into buying a fake one from him which Google banned a few hours later and my money was gone.

As if that was not enough, about 7months later due to desperation I ran into another person who sold another one to me promising me that one was super original and there was guaranty for money back.

I again wasted my hard earned income only to discover it was again fake without any refund.

So this got me kind of pissed and I vowed never to get involved in procuring anything called Google AdSense unless Google handed it to me herself.

Don’t let me bore you with my frustrating experience.

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So now let me head straight to what I found out to be the simple secret on how to get Google AdSense approval with ease.

First of all I will talk about what Google does not care about when you apply for AdSense.

  1. Domain name size

All those early rules of saying the shorter your domain name the easier Google will consider you for Adsense approval and ranking by some SEO expert is no longer in vogue these days.

Google cares less about the length of your URL, at least not these days. If not,  ask yourself should a blog like Linda Ikeji Blog yet ranks well on google search more than even sites with a two letter domain name.

That is to tell you there is more to it than just the domain length.



  • Google does not care much about your font style, size and color. All Google wants in this case is a nice, readable and appealing design for your visitors.
  • Does not care whether you host with godaddy, Hostgator or any other host provided your site is secure and efficient. Besides just ensure you host your site with a credible and registered web hosting company
  • read more

    Convert Word to PDF Online: here is the fastest and easiest way to do that

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    convert word to pdf online

    To Convert word to PDF, many will agree with me is a common challenge with people working on documents using Microsoft office.

    Microsoft word is one of the office packages used most frequently  in preparing documents hence it is always an issue when people want to convert from it to PDF.

    May be we should try to find out why it is rampant for office users to want to convert word to pdf online.

    We will do that by looking at the features of the two programs and differentiate  between their functionalities.

    While many may know what word and pdf are, not a lot of people  will know what differences exist between them word and pdf document formats.

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    One important thing about these two software solutions is the fact that they possess different formats.

    Differences between Word and PDF

  • Word is the brainchild of Microsoft Corporation owned by Bill Gates.
  • PDF also known as Portable Document Format in full which you use Adobe Acrobat to prepare is wholly owned by Adobe Systems.
  • While Word documents end with the extension .DOC, Portable Document Portable Format ends with .pdf
  • If you want to edit word document you need to open the Word application to do that, but if you wish to edit PDF , Adobe Acrobat cannot edit the PDF file created.
  • PDF is open source meaning developers can make editing tools for it.
  • Microsoft word is proprietary.
  • PDF has the ability to compress file size and reduce the size reasonably
  • Word presents files in their original size.
  • PDF retains all properties of author’s design while moved between personal computers or devices.
  • Word lacks the ability to retain all properties of the documents when moved between devices.
  • read more

    Domain Name: Here are 7 Important Things You Must Consider before Paying for One

    domain name

    A domain name is a name that is used to represent a group of numbers called IP address.

    An IP address(internet protocol) is a unique set of numbers assigned to each computer on the internet.

    Domain names were created to make IP addresses more human-friendly.

    Just think of an IP address as a  street address. They identify where computers are located on the internet.

    In order not to make the internet protocols sound complicated or abstract when humans communicate with computers on the network using the internet, domain names were formed to help out in that regards. read more

    See How to Download Facebook Videos , Twitter, Vimeo,AOL Easily and Fast

    Download Facebook Videos

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    How to download Facebook videos is an issue with a lot of people daily as they surf the net and gallivant their Facebook index pages.

    Sometimes most often, we come across stuff on the internet especially social media like Facebook which we will like to keep and see them again over and over on our own.

    But extracting those things to save for tomorrow’s use is always the problem.

    Facebook videos are one of those things.

    Some of the videos are inspiring, some educative and so on making us wishing to store copies of them for the future,.

    But the challenge is always that we do not know how to download Facebook videos.

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    Meanwhile, if it were to be how to download videos from the Youtube, we can easily make use of some free applications like youtube downloader and others to achieve that aim.

    And lest I forget, downloading stuff from the net most times is at a cost and brings some risks as well.

    The cost in terms of data straining and risk with regards to exposure to dangerous scripts such as malware warms or viruses that are capable of causing damage to systems and files.


    How to hide your Date of Birth on Facebook

    Hence, I advise that before ever you hop unto any webpage be it on your computer or even mobile phone, you must fortify your device with a reliable and efficient antivirus and antimalware applications.

    There are quite a couple of good ones around that are also affordable. You can go amazon, eBay etc. to find some to procure and install.

    Simple Few Steps to Download Facebook Videos

  • Create a folder name it my Facebook Videos ( not a must though, I do that to keep my work tidied and to ensure its handy anytime I need it.)
  • Place the created folder where you can easily remember its location e.g. desktop.
  • Right Click on the playing Facebook video you want to download and copy video link
  • Go to
  • Paste the copied link on the search field
  • Click search.
  • Select which of the options you wish to download (whether you want it in Mp3 or Mp4 video version, I go mostly for Mp3)
  • Click on the option you prefer in 7. above and automatically your video is downloaded
  • read more

    How to Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook Easily

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    Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook

    A lot of people have issues knowing how to block and unblock friends on Facebook.

    The truth is that there are some friendships that go sour with time.

    And some people you call good friends may not really be true friends.
    They are just there to find a way to pull you down, gain from you or even take advantage of you.

    And if they can’t get that from you, at some point they begin to feel they are wasting time being around you then they begin to misbehave.

    Just like a friend gets you annoyed to a point you tell him point-blank that he stops coming near you or your place of abode.

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    How to block websites on your computer

    So it is on Facebook where you can stop such friend from coming near your page or profile.

    On Facebook, many people are looking for ways to block or unblock friends on the platform.

    If you are that kind of person, then this article is for you.

    The write-up is to guide you step by step on how to block and unblock friends on Facebook and we hope you find it simple and easy enough.

    So let us go and continue to read on…

    Although there are more than one ways you can achieve that, however, I will go with the easiest and simpler way.

    Follow the steps below to Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook

    First, you own your Facebook account.
    <script async=""

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    Please note that you must have the friend you wish to block or unblock on your Facebook’s friends list.

    So for you to block that your friend,

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to a tiny drop-down arrow beside the Quick Help tab by the top right-hand side of the menu bar.Block and Unblock Friends Facebook
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu list Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook
  • Look at the Blocking tab by the left-hand side of the page among other items and click on it.
  • On the displayed page after clicking on Blocking, you will see a field that says Block Users(Ad names or emails)
  • Either type the person’s name or email and click on block.
  • It is done.
  • read more

    Network disaster recovery plan you must take seriously to protect your business

    Network disaster recovery plan

    Globally, businesses’ s lifecycles have been redefined by the advancement in Information Technology (IT).

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    Business operations are in recent times being greatly influenced and made flexible by networking concept.

    Wide Area Network and similar technologies have helped in making business operations more efficient and fast in the competitive market.

    Being that very important, establishments have now seen the need to embark on measures that will guarantee the smooth running of their Information Technology infrastructure and ensure business continuity.

    One of the major ways of doing that is to prepare a functional and efficient network disaster recovery plan.

    A network disaster recovery plan is a system prepared to help the organisation respond to any interruption of network failure either due to natural forces or man-made incident.

    Enterprise systems run smoothly where there is an efficient disaster recovery plan to deal with potential natural or man-made made disasters and help in minimizing disruptions to the networks and quickly restore normalcy of operations.

    Network disaster recovery plan is useful in achieving the following objectives:

    • Reduces disruption of business operations
    • Minimizing long delays in business continuity
    • Guarantee some level of security
    • Assuring reliable backup systems
    • Increase speed of restoration of business operations
    • Help reduce task for IT support desk

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    Network vulnerability incidences are on the rise by the day, and businesses are always at the receiving end.

    Therefore, organisations are compelled to make adequate disaster recovery provisions to safeguard their IT operations vis avis their business operations.

    The truth is always that safety is for those who see the disaster before it occurs and prepares for it.

    It is not just for those who see the disaster in advance but do nothing about it but for those who take proactive steps to prepare for it by setting up the necessary measures to overcome or even secure the system, restore the operations and secure the files.

    Steps to prepare Network Disaster Recovery Plan

    Network Disaster Recovery Plan design needs careful and meticulous analysis and planning.

    The analysis needs to be done on components such as existing network infrastructure, applications, databases, equipment, environmental safety, organizational setup and other details involved.

    Also, the disaster recovery document itself must contain elements like

  • disaster recovery team personnel with contact details
  • recovery time objective and communication methods at the time of the disaster
  • alternative facility for the organization
  • and master list of all inventory
  • storage locations
  • customer/vendor
  • forms and policies.
  • read more

    How to share your modem internet on one laptop with the other via wi-fi

    modem internet

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    Are you looking for a way to share your modem internet used on one pc or laptop with another?

    Maybe you subscribed for data on a dongle which you use with your laptop and wish to share with a friend, family member or even a customer on his/her own computer via wi-fi.

    Sharing the modem internet between systems will help you to save cost in the face of the current economic downturn as many people and organisations look inwards finding ways of minimizing cost. In this case you are using one stone to kill two birds.

    Perhaps it as well very important to mention here that this sharing does not just involve modem internet alone but the process also shares files between the computers involved.

    Just imagine yourself picking a file from a given folder of another computer placed in the bedroom while you are at the sitting room working with your laptop without standing up . Fun isn’t it? Good.

    If that is quite important to you, then you are in the right page where solution is provided for you as you read on.

    For two different computers to communicate via Wi-Fi, you will need to carry out a few clicks and minor configurations on the systems concerned.

    Did I hear you say you are not a technical person? Never worry, this does not require technical expertise knowledge to get through.

    All you need are the systems and the ability to navigate through a windows computer and you are good to go. No need for cat5, cat6 or any other network cable crimping and termination as the process is based on Wi-Fi technology at this time.

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    To achieve, that follow the steps below:

    1. Turn on both laptops.
    2. Click on Open Network and Sharing Center at the right hand side of your windows  task bar

    file sharing

    1. Click on Change Advance Sharing Settings at the top left corner of the screen.

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    internet sharing

    1. Select Turn On Network Discovery , Turn On File and Printer Sharing and Turn On Sharing So Anyone with Network Access can Read and Write Files in the Public Folders
  • Select Use 128-bit encryption to help protect file sharing connection(recommended)
  • read more

    5 Easy Steps to Create Whatsapp Group

    whatsapp group

    Whatsapp is a powerful cross-platform messaging application that allows you to exchange messages within and across networks irrespective of your location  without paying for it.

    Whatsapp has revolutionized instant messaging concept. It has the ability to enable users share images, videos and even allow free calls within the application network.

    This suggest that you can make free calls from your whatsapp application to another user of whatsapp on another number with paying for it.

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    One great phenomenal features of this software is the Whatsapp Group. This facility allows users to chat in a group.

    Whatsapp group enables you to chat with up to 256 users at the same time in a group.

    Many organisations high and low, clubs, associations, institutions etc are now leveraging whatsapp group feature to hold virtual meetings, conferences and interactions.

    I know of a very prominent transport company in Nigeria that uses whatsapp group to share live information about their transport operations and updates.

    Their information sharing on the group cuts across areas  like bus departure time, routes, road safety information, bus break down notification, rescue request, arrival notification etc.

    Individuals as well connect with friends and families to interact. Indeed whatsapp group is such a great feature of whatsapp application.

    As at February 2016, Whatsapp was said to hit 1 billion subscribers. Today, there may have increased tremendously.

    All over the world, people are beginning to realize the awesome advantages of whatsapp as an application.

    Steps to Create  Whatsapp Group

    Note: for you to create a whatsapp group, you must have registered and have an account with whatsapp. Registration is easy and free.

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    Download whatsapp

    First, you download the application on your phone, then type in your phone number and other relevant personal information.

    After that you verify your phone number and that’s done.

    To create a group

  • Open WhatsApp, locate the Chats screen.
  • By the top right hand side of the  Chats screen, you will see  New Group button, click on it.
  • Enter a group  subject or title.  This forms the title or group name that participants will see even during your invite.
  • Add individual participants to the group by selecting (+) sign, or by typing the name of the contact.
  • Tap Create to finish creating your new whatsapp group.
  • read more

    How to hide your Date of Birth on Facebook in this 2019


    During account signup on Facebook, date of birth is one of the information required on the online form been filled.

    And by default, Facebook displays date of birth automatically just the way name and other information are shown.

    Reason being that Facebook thinks it doesn’t matter to people if their dates of birth are shown to the world on their profiles.

    Little does Facebook know that for different personal reasons, most people prefer to keep their ages , date of birth and other private information secret.

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    It is sometimes inappropriate for such personal details to be displayed to the world without verifying from the owner of the details.

    On the other hand, several Facebook account owners in most cases do not even know that such details are been viewed by their profile visitors.

    An incident happened a couple of years back when a friend complained that she receive strange calls. But after investigations, she realized they got her number from her Facebook profile.

    Of course, up till now most Facebook profiles still have profile owner’s phone numbers displayed. What I can’t phantom is whether the said owners of the accounts are aware but intentionally allow them there.

    In any case, it is understandable for Facebook pages belonging to businesses or organisations as such phone numbers are meant to connect clients with the business owners.

    As for me, I wouldn’t want my personal details like phone number , email or even date of birth to be published on my profile to the full view of all visitors. I could choose only my friends or family to view them.

    Hide Your Age

    After logging in to your Facebook account, you will need to follow the steps below:

    Click on your name to enter your account profile.


    Click on About tab to display your information and the settings tabs

    At the left hand side of the page under Overview, Click on Contact and Basic Info

    Facebook Click on Contact and Basic Info

    Under Contact Information, take your mouse to the end of each field say Birth Date then  a pencil image and Edit will appear.


    Click on Edit , a drop down menu will appear. Scroll down and Click on Only Me

    By selecting Only Me option, Facebook automatically restricts access of other viewers including preventing even your friends from seeing your date of birth.

    If you want every visitor to see the Date of Birth, select Public. But if you will prefer only your friends’ friends then select Friends of Friends option.

    Repeat same process for Birth Year, Email, Gender and the rest of others  if you so wish to hide them from public view.

    How to Change Facebook Profile Pictures

    Pictures are integral part of social media fun like in the case of Facebook where pictures speak volumes often times.

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    Through Facebook pictures, friends and relative who may have lost contact can easily identify and get connected to someone.

    Through them we have an idea of how a person is faring to a reasonable extent. Perhaps that explains why it has become common knowledge that people put the very  best of them on our  profiles.

    Updating pictures by changing profile pictures is a way to make our Facebook followers and fans have fun viewing our  profile regularly.

    Besides, some Facebookers will for some personal reasons want to delete completely their profile pictures  but maybe stocked.

    This article is to teach you step by step on how to   change your Facebook  profile  picture without any hassle.
    Before  we proceed,  we must bear in mind that Facebook recommends image size of 160X160 Pixels . Although 180 x 180 can be accepted however, Facebook will by itself adjust it automatically from  180 pixels to the recommended size.

    It is also important that you make high quality resolution pictures for outstanding output when published on Facebook profile.

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    There are several good both online and offline  solutions to edit and manage images for optimum quality e.g photoshop, Fotor, pixlr, Picmonkey, Fotoflexer

    This also may be the reason many people sometimes battle in vain to upload their profile pictures on Facebook.

    Follow the steps below to Change Profile Pictures:

    Sign into your Facebook account

    Go to your timeline and Click on your name which takes you to your profile page

    facebook timeline

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    On the profile picture, click Edit Profile Picture

    Facebook Click on Edit Profile Picture
    Click on Choose from Photo to allow you select picture from your Facebook gallery photos already uploaded

    Click on Take Photo to enable you snap a new picture through your device cam e.g. laptop

    Click on Upload Photo to allow you picture from a stored location of your device like computer, laptop or phone memory.

    Click on Edit Thumbnail to be able to edit a smaller image already on the profile.

    Click the Remove option to delete the profile picture

    So in this case, assuming we are choosing picture from our device memory, we click on option in item 6. above and browse to the location where the pictures are stored. Select the picture we wish to use.

    Then click upload, wait for a minute and it gets loaded on the page.

    That’s it.

    If this was helpful, you can like , share and follow us on facebook, twitter and others through the following social media buttons.

    How To Backup Blackberry Data Automatically

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    Blackberry slim
    Blackberry is a powerful technology that will be more highly enjoyed if properly secured and backed up.

    One major area where blackberry is looked at as a revolutionary tool in information and communication technology is in messaging.

    Be it email service, short message service (sms) , multimedia messaging service( mms) , Blackberry Messaging (bbm)etc, blackberry is really a tool that one can depend on for efficiency.

    And the importance of having access to past information stored by blackberry cannot be over emphasized.

    A single email  for  instance is worth the survival of a whole large organization.

    Hence, in a situation where such previously stored messages can no longer be found or accessed, the company  or individual stands a chance of facing  very huge consequences.

    Balckberry Wide

    Basic Features of a Blackberry

    There are  some basic features that come with an average blackberry phone also known as bb.

    1. Communication

    This feature help users connect to the world via email, sms, mms, social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and Blacbery messenger(BBM).

    1. Media

    This feature allow users to enjoy photos, movie clips, video streaming files, music. Its all about fun and memories here.

    1. Security

    This facility helps to secure the bb device itself, files and to be useful when trying to recover the lost or stolen device back.

    1. Apps

    The application features make using the device a worthwhile experience as it allows users to download and enjoy hundreds of applications to enhance their bb usage.

    1. Connections

    Connection platform help in ensuring files and other resources sharing such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, hotspot easy etc

    1. Personalisation

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    This enables user to customize the home screen, wall papers, ringtones, etc. to their taste

    Backing Up Blackberry Data

    There are basically two types of backup procedures. The Manual and the automatic backup systems.

    But our interest at the moment is on the automatic data backup method

    How to Backup  Data Automatically  Using Blackberry Protect

    Although there are several both free and premium application that can be used to achieve this, however BB Protect is a free efficient feature that comes with your bb device.

    blackberry passport

    Automatic Backup Schedule

    To setup your auto backup, follow the following steps:

  • At the Home screen of the device, press blackberry button
  • Click on Downloads folder
  • Click on Blackberry Protect application
  • Type in your blackberry email ID and password.
  • And click next
  • It will bring up dialogue box to select your schedule settings.
  • Select the folders to backup(emails, sms, bbm messages, photos, contacts etc.)
  • Select the backup day and time
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish.
  • To restore follow process 1 to 5. And choose restore option and allow it restore to the end , this will allow you have back all your lost files due to failed device or if the device has been stolen.
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    7 Easy Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Signal

    Wi-Fi signal
    Wi-Fi Router

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    In this write-up, we will discuss ways by which we can boost Wi-Fi signal strength.

    Wi-Fi is a technology that uses radio frequency signals to provide wireless network thereby allowing network/internet users to connect to the network without using a cable. Wi-Fi makes use of devices to achieve that. One of the examples of the devices is a Wi-Fi router. During our discussion on this article we will mostly be referring to the said Wi-Fi  router as just  device or  Wi-Fi device. read more