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5G vs 4G: Unbelievable Differences Between 5G and 4G

5G vs 4G

One of the most discussed and perhaps anticipated technology topic today is 5G technology.

But many seem to forget easily that 5G is just an upgrade of 4G network capacity.

To be able to understand 5G, you must understand the various characteristics between 5G vs 4G networks.

To start, it is important we run brief historical analyses of how the G technology came to be.

First what is that G all about?

G represents the various  Generations of wireless  technologies. All generations from 1G to 5G are all based on wireless technology with various capacities and speeds. read more

5G Tower: How worried should you be about your health?

5G tower

5G is next generation technology from mobile networks.

It is an evolution of 3G and 4G that promises lightning-fast speed, low latency, and increased network connectivity.

5G tower is the base station that houses the 5G network equipment that connects and share signals with mobile devices.

There are worries about the potential health hazards from the 5G tower.

In this article, we have done some very deep research to find out whether or not 5G tower is harmful to human health. read more

9Mobile Data Subscription Plans

Etisalat Data

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Etisalat is among the GSM companies operating currently in Nigeria for some years now.  Their services are quite efficient(according to most of their subscribers) and has a subscriber base of about 22 million as at June 2016 (NCC 2016 report).

Originally from middle east, Etisalat came into the gsm market in Nigeria with special bonuses and lots of goodies for its new subscribers a few years back, and today they have won the hearts of many.

Their technical support service is swift and efficient.

Customer care read more

MTN Subscription Service


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Mobile Telecommunications Network, MTN is a South African based GSM(Global System for Mobile) communications . It was formerly called M-Cell in South Africa.

As at March 2016,  MTN Nigeria had a subscriber base of almost 60 million.

Below are some very vital information to its subscribers:

247 Customer care toll free line (from an MTN line)            Dial 180

247 Customer Care line from other networks                       +23480310180

247 Customer care line from Outside Nigeria                       +23480310181

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Blackberry Service Info:

To subscribe for MTN BIS , text BIS to 21600

BIS allows you to activate and run up 10 different email addresses at a time and goes for N1500 per month.

BBC allows you only one email. BBC subscription goes for N1000.

To subscribe for BBC, Text BBC to 21600

There are other MTN Blackberry plans as can be seen below:

BB Plan          Data Capacity          Validity      Price   Activate(SMS to   21600)

BB COMPLETE   100MB           Daily              N100            BBCDAY

500MB           Weekly           N500              BBCWEEK

2GB              Monthly           N1000           BBC

BB ABSOLUTE   100MB      Daily               N100             BBDAY

500MB         Weekly           N550          BBWEEK                                           2GB         Monthly          N1,500        BIS

BB QUARTERLY 2GBMonthly  Quarterly     N4,000  BBQ

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BB10 MAXI       Monthly          1.5GB              N3,000         BBMAXIM

Weekly          350MB              N1,100            BBMAXIW

Daily              50MB               N200              BBMAXID

BB10 MIDI    Monthly         500MB             N1,500         BBMIDIM                            Weekly           125MB              N550              BBMIDIW
Daily               15MB               N100             BBMIDID

BB10 MINI   Monthly            260MB             N1,000     BBLITEM

Weekly         70MB              N350              BBLITEW

Daily           10MB                N70              BBLITED


To check the status of your subscription, text STATUS to 216.

One of the tips that usually help me to get my blackberry subscription activated quickly is that I remove my phone battery and replace it immediately after send the sms for subscription.

Also, to avoid indiscriminate data wastage, often times it is advisable to turn off automatic update of your phone applications.

MTN GoodyBag Social Bundle read more