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AI, machine learning, Computer Vision, Big data, what are they?

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It is amazing how fast the technology world is changing and impacting the entire global system.

What is also more revealing is the fact that the level of acceptance of latest technological innovations is alarming.

In this article, we bring you the very basic understanding of the above technological terms AI, machine learning, computer vision and big data trending for a couple of years now and how they impact almost everything around our world.

What is AI

AI is the branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers.

The full meaning of ai is artificial intelligence. Ai simply put, is just a way machines are made to reason and act as if they are human beings.

Ai is a branch of computer science which concerns machine simulations to function and operate as humans.

This study teaches machines to become smart like humans beings.

It is important to mention that each time a more powerful technology is created, a bigger level of changing the world is also created.

While many people believe the advancement in the area poses a threat to real humans on grounds of safety and job loses.

However, tech scientists are of the opinion that more progress will be achieved if machines and  humans work together.

What is the Relationship Between AI and Neural Networks

Neural network is a virtual much simpler version of the human brain created to help AI function.

The brain is the most powerful and complex system in our body with over 85 billion neurons each of which fire nonstop receiving, processing and sending information.

Neural network is built as a replica of human brain which helps machines think reason and behave like humans.

What Are the Misconceptions About AI?

  1. Ai is a super intelligent being
  2. Knows all
  3. Can do all
  4. Smarter than all humans put together.

That is a total misconception as AI is built based on us hence can’t be smarter than man.

Ai is mimicking us, AI is basically an emulation of us.



 This is basically how a computer sees.  How computers identify and differentiate between a spider and a duck for instance is based on object recognition principle.

That is how robots are trained to recognize object, humans, both moving and stationary.

This principle helps machines to learn to drive cars or even pick up a criminal from the crowd.

Beyond building machines that learn and work, they are creating machines that have emotional intelligence.

They will have feelings like human beings as well as showing empathy and have perception to things like conversation.

Did I hear you say they may replace humans? No,  they will only enhance humans, quote me anywhere.

Georgia Tech a music technology organization in the United States of America has already started building robots that can find patterns to play musical instruments.

It listens to human beings play, and then it improvises and begins to play.

Machine Learning and the AI

Machine learning is the ability to find patterns in data.

Machine learning is one of the most recent technologies.

And in this article we will share with you very simple practical uses of machine learning you may have being making use of without knowing.

Machine learning makes use of learning algorithm which helps it to learn and act like a human being.

You probably would have made use of such learning algorithm as well without knowing.

Practical Instances of Machine Learning Usage

Each time you use a search engine like Google to search something on the internet, its is because Google implemented a learning algorithm to rank the web pages.

Anytime you use Facebook or apple’s tagging photo application to recognize your friend’s photo, it’s because of the learning algorithm.

Whenever you are reading your email and your anti-spam feature prevents you from opening and reading spam mails, that is also a learning algorithm.

Hence for AI machines to work, they must be built with learning algorithms to make them intelligent and smart.

And machine learning is already with us in many ways as AI makes use machine learning principle to operate.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is a field of AI that teaches computers to learn to identify and understand images, objects and environments.

This principle uses digital images, videos and deep learning to accurately identify and classify them as well and possibly react to what they see.

It will be an understatement to say that the advancement in computer vision technology brings huge solutions to many human problems.

For example, the identification of cancer tumor is quite time consuming and may be subject to human errors.

The use of computer vision system in cancer diagnosis is more efficient and faster.

Many organizations in the western world are already introducing computer vision technology to their medical systems.

There are so many areas of human endeavor that this technology will be relevant in, so many.

Big data

 We all use smart phones, have you ever wondered how much data it generates?

This data is generated in the form of texts, emails, photos. Videos, searches, and music.

About 4o Exabyte of data is generated daily.

Now imagine multiplying this number by 5 billion smartphone users(40×5,000,000,000).


This amount of data is quite a lot for traditional computing system to handle.

Let’s take a look at the amount of data generated regularly on the internet.

2.1million snaps are shared on Snapchat

3.8million search queries are made on Google search

1million people logon on Facebook

4.5million videos are watched on YouTube

188 millions of emails are sent

That’s a lot of data as you can see.

So how do we classify any data as Big Data?

This is possible with the concept of 5vs which are Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value.

  1. Volume

Hospitals and clinics around the world generate huge amount of data

 It is estimated that about 2,314 Exabyte’s are generated from activities like patience registration and medical test results.

2. Velocity

All these data as cited under Volume above are generated at a very high speed.

3. Variety

There are various types of data which include Structured data, Semi-structured data and unstructured data.

Example of structured data are Microsoft excel data, for Semi structured we have mogg files and unstructured is X-ray

4. Veracity

This entails accuracy and trustworthiness of the generated data.

 Analysing all these data will help the medical sector by enabling faster disease detection, better treatment and reduce cost .This is known as the value of data

5. Value

How useful all the data stated above can be, refers to the value of data.

It is very important to note that with well analyzed big data natural disasters like a hurricane can be predicted days or weeks before they happen.

Data is indeed goldmine in any modern society.

Do let us know what your thoughts are regarding technological evolution and its impact in the nearest future.

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