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See why you must password your computer

A Password is a secret code or key issued to the computer to be able to identify you and grant you access.

Keeping away unwanted access to your computer and its files is always a critical requirement for maintaining a safe computer. read more

Which Laptop should  I buy? Pls I need Advice

laptop image

Do you want a laptop but has no idea which one to buy? You wouldn’t want to save money and end up buying something you do not enjoy?

How about avoiding buying a substandard system that may land you into challenges?

You know gathering funds to purchase a good one during this global economic recession can take a while (depending on your level of income though). read more

Should I buy Laptop or Desktop Computer in this year 2018?

laptopLaptop computers are small computers that are portable enough to be carried on laps during use.

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Their screen sizes range between 9”, 10” 11” down to 20 plus inches.

There are several reasons you may want to go with laptop computers instead of desktops.

Advantages of a  Laptop to a Desktop

  1. Portability

One of the most powerful merits of a laptop computer is portability. You can  afford to pick and drop it in the boot of your car  or just in your bag and rush down for a seminar presentation, board meeting, training session or any event that needs the use of a computer with less hassle.

But desktop computer on the other hand is bulky and has many peripheral parts you must carry to have a complete computer system to work with.

Besides, you could just place the device on your laps in case there is no table space unlike the desktop which you must make a table space for.

Desktop Computer
Desktop Computer
  1. Electricity Backup

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All laptop computers come with batteries that last for sizeable number of hours. This enables you continue your work in case of sudden power outage. While desktop computers have no batteries but depend on external power backup sources such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), inverter etc. which are expensive to purchase and even maintain. You wouldn’t want your work to be disrupted due to power failure hence the need to go for a laptop instead.

  1. Extra features

Laptops often are designed with some extra features to enhance user experience for example Bluetooth, webcam, wi-fi, etc.

Desktops on the other hand will have to require that you purchase the said devices and install separately which is most times challenging in terms of cost and time.

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  1. Superior Screen Display

Laptop screen technology offer more appealing graphic display to enable one enjoy pictures, video games and movies quality compared to desktop screens. A laptop series such HP Spectre x360 has sophisticated screen display power that will allow users enjoy compared to desktop of the same time and configuration.

  1. Easy Keyboard Arrangement

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Its keyboard is arranged in such a way that keys are easily accessed and located even by beginners. But because of the large space on desktop keyboards, often times beginners have to wander covering long distances to locate some keys during use.

  1. Greater Resale Value

Laptops have higher resale values compared to desktops. After years of usage, you will be sure of still parting with your laptop device at a reasonable amount. But desktop computers go for much less and buyers tend to underrate and under prize them.

  1. Environmental Friendliness

Laptops generate lesser ewaste compared to desktops computers. For quite some years now organisations and individuals have invested much on protecting the environment.

Technologies recognize this fact hence reduce number  and size of components that come with laptop products.

While desktop computers still come with numerous and size able components that later cause serious environmental ewastes.

  1. Saves Energy

Laptop consumes less energy compared to desktop systems.

While it consumes as little as between 15 to 25 watts, desktops guzzle as high as 150watts. Therefore, if you want a computer with lesser energy requirement, laptop may just be the solution.

  1. Prizing

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Years back, computer users were scared away from laptop systems due to exorbitant  costs. Then laptops were so expensive to the extent the prize of one average one could buy two desktops.

But with time, manufacturers and vendors understood this challenge and worked to reduce laptop cost. In recent years, the prizes have over time crashed giving desktops tremendous sales challenge.

As it is right now, most its models are way cheaper than desktops.

So now that you are well informed, the choice is in your hands to make betweenthe two.

How to Change Facebook Profile Pictures

Pictures are integral part of social media fun like in the case of Facebook where pictures speak volumes often times.

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Through Facebook pictures, friends and relative who may have lost contact can easily identify and get connected to someone.

Through them we have an idea of how a person is faring to a reasonable extent. Perhaps that explains why it has become common knowledge that people put the very  best of them on our  profiles.

Updating pictures by changing profile pictures is a way to make our Facebook followers and fans have fun viewing our  profile regularly.

Besides, some Facebookers will for some personal reasons want to delete completely their profile pictures  but maybe stocked.

This article is to teach you step by step on how to   change your Facebook  profile  picture without any hassle.
Before  we proceed,  we must bear in mind that Facebook recommends image size of 160X160 Pixels . Although 180 x 180 can be accepted however, Facebook will by itself adjust it automatically from  180 pixels to the recommended size.

It is also important that you make high quality resolution pictures for outstanding output when published on Facebook profile.

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There are several good both online and offline  solutions to edit and manage images for optimum quality e.g photoshop, Fotor, pixlr, Picmonkey, Fotoflexer

This also may be the reason many people sometimes battle in vain to upload their profile pictures on Facebook.

Follow the steps below to Change Profile Pictures:

Sign into your Facebook account

Go to your timeline and Click on your name which takes you to your profile page

facebook timeline

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On the profile picture, click Edit Profile Picture

Facebook Click on Edit Profile Picture
Click on Choose from Photo to allow you select picture from your Facebook gallery photos already uploaded

Click on Take Photo to enable you snap a new picture through your device cam e.g. laptop

Click on Upload Photo to allow you picture from a stored location of your device like computer, laptop or phone memory.

Click on Edit Thumbnail to be able to edit a smaller image already on the profile.

Click the Remove option to delete the profile picture

So in this case, assuming we are choosing picture from our device memory, we click on option in item 6. above and browse to the location where the pictures are stored. Select the picture we wish to use.

Then click upload, wait for a minute and it gets loaded on the page.

That’s it.

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Beware of Laptop Radiations in Year 2020

Laptop Radiations Image
Testing The Intensity of Laptop Radiations

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There are strong indications that  Laptop radiations have adverse health effects on human health.  Although there are conflicting opinions on whether or not such laptop radiations are harmful. Studies have continued to show that humans have limited intensity of radiation their bodies can withstand beyond which might become harmful and dangerous to the well-being of man.


Laptops are portable computers that can be carried around in a handy way and even placed on laps to work.

There have being various studies on electromagnetic radiations from electronic devices especially laptop computers .

Truth be told, all other electronic gadgets such as television, cell phones, microwave ovens, Wireless routers etc.  emit such radiations as well, but what makes those of laptops critical is the fact that laptops are often carried on laps or even much closer to human systems .
The said closeness to human bodies  shortens  the distance between the electromagnetic frequencies waves  and the human body.

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It is believed   also that the nearer such waves to the human body,  the more the intensity and the higher the risk of damaging cells thereby possibly  leading to cancer.

Ionizing Radiations

Ionizing radiation is an energy type released by atoms that move in the form of electromagnetic waves (gamma or X-rays) or particles (neutrons, beta or alpha). The automatic continuous disintegration of atoms is called radioactivity, and the excess energy emitted is a form of ionizing radiation.

World Health Organisation- W.H.O report of 2012 declared after research that certain amount of such radiations beyond a particular level can be injurious to human health and possess the tendency to cause health hazard. According to W.H.O the following facts were deduced from their findings.

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Key facts

  • Ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

  • People are exposed to natural sources of ionizing radiation, such as in soil, water, vegetation, and in human-made sources, such as x-rays and medical devices.

  • Ionizing radiation has many beneficial applications, including uses in medicine, industry, agriculture and research.

  • As the use of ionizing radiation increases, so does the potential for health hazards if not properly used or contained.

  • Acute health effects such as skin burns or acute radiation syndrome can occur when doses of radiation exceed certain levels.

  • Low doses of ionizing radiation can increase the risk of longer term effects such as cancer.

  • read more