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How to protect a cell in Excel in very few simple steps

how to protect a cell in excel

Thinking about how to protect a cell in excel sheet of your document?

Okay let’s say you are having some sensitive details in Microsoft excel sheet and you do not want anyone to temper with it.

It could be in a computer with multiple unauthorized accesses.

The safest thing to do is to prevent anyone from modifying the content of the cell.

Also, you sometimes may need to protect the entire workbook or worksheet for protection of cells to take effect. read more

How To Create Drop Down List In Excel, This Will Make You A Pro Fast

how to create drop down list in excel

In this article, we will like to teach you how to create drop down list in excel in few simple steps.

Excel is one of the packages of the Microsoft office suite developed to help with simple accounting processes and mathematical calculations.

As simple as excel is, it is a powerful tool used by many professional accountants and data experts to process and manage data.

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