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How To Activate Whatsapp Dark Mode On Mobile Phone And Web

whatsapp dark mode

Whatsapp dark mode is a feature that allows you to enjoy a dark shade of light when using the WhatsApp application.

The request by many users of the application for dark mode was being numerous as some of them enjoy similar feature from other social media platforms like Facebook.

And it appears finally, Whatsapp has yielded to the yearnings of its numerous fans by implementing the whatsapp dark mode facility. read more

5 Easy Steps to Create Whatsapp Group

whatsapp group

Whatsapp is a powerful cross-platform messaging application that allows you to exchange messages within and across networks irrespective of your location and using whatsapp group is easier to reach users at ones.

Whatsapp has revolutionized instant messaging concept. It has the ability to enable users to share images, videos and even allow free calls within the application network.

This suggests that you can make free calls from your whatsapp application to another user of whatsapp on another number with paying for it.

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As well, organizing users in groups ease the communication process.

Using a group enables you to chat with up to 256 users at the same time in a group.

Many organisations high and low, clubs, associations, institutions etc are now leveraging the group feature to hold virtual meetings, conferences, and interactions.

I know of a very prominent transport company in Nigeria that uses whatsapp group to share live information about their transport operations and updates.

Their information sharing on the group cuts across areas like bus departure time, routes, road safety information, bus break down notification, rescue request, arrival notification, etc.

Individuals as well connect with friends and families to interact. Indeed having them in a single group is such a great feature of whatsapp application.

As at February 2016, Whatsapp was said to hit 1 billion subscribers. Today, there may have increased tremendously.

All over the world, people are beginning to realize the awesome advantages of whatsapp as an application.

Steps to Create  Whatsapp Group

Also, note that for you to create a group, you must have registered and had an account with whatsapp. Registration is easy and free.

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Download whatsapp

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First, you download the application on your phone, then type in your phone number and other relevant personal information.

After that you verify your phone number and that’s done.

To create a group

  • Open WhatsApp, locate the Chats screen.
  • By the top right-hand side of the  Chats screen, you will see the New Group button, click on it.
  • Enter a group  subject or title.  This forms the title or group name that participants will see even during your invite.
  • Add individual participants to the group by selecting (+) sign, or by typing the name of the contact.
  • Tap Create to finish creating your new group.
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