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How to Change Password in Windows 10 in Few Simple Steps

how to change password in windows 10

In case you have being wondering how to change password in windows 10, this article is to walk you through in few steps.

We are going to look at two different simple methods to change password on windows 10.

How to Change password in windows 10 using Method 1.

* At the Search field of the Start Menu, type PASSWORD

Click Change Password on the fly-out menu underneath Settings

Then another page comes up, scroll down a bit and click on Change under Change Your Account Password read more

The first major and Latest Windows 10 Updates

windows 10

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Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft Corporation, the owners of Microsoft Windows Operating System for some months now has being testing the first major update for her latest windows 10 operating system.Windows  fans will be glad to see this happen and happen quick as over 110 million machines are said to be running the windows 10 operating system already.

Like every other great project well delivered, Windows 10 came with its own teething issues to be addressed such as
a new coloured title bar for desktop software. All software will now feel a lot alike and more blended as
the ones designed originally for windows 10.
Also, the corporation has enhanced the context menus all around the Windows 10 operating system to ensure they appear a bit bigger and more shadier to match the theme. read more