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How to Protect Folder with Password in Windows Pc

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Wondering how to protect folder with password in your windows computer?

We all have something we will like to keep away from family and friends in our computers systems.

Also, it could be images, videos or even texts.

In this article, we will show you in few simple steps how to protect folder with password in your windows 10 Pc without using any third party software.

So, we will be using what is called a bat file to create a locked folder to keep, protect and hide our files.

Steps On How To Protect Folder With Password

  • Open a notepad.
  • Download, open then copy the code in the attached text file at the bottom of this page  and paste inside the notepad you  just opened

  • Scroll to line 23 of the code (if NOT %pass%==Your Password Goes Here goto FAIL)
  • And change the word ‘pass’ (marked in italics  in the above statement to your preferred password.)

Never mind about all other codes, only that line of code should be of interest to you.

  • Click on the File menu
  • Also, Select Save As
  • Then Save the file with .bat extension
  • You can now delete the other text file leaving the .bat file.
  • So double click the bat file
  • A Folder named Locker will be automatically created.
  • You may now copy all files you want to protect into the locker folder.
  • Again double click the .bat file
  • A command prompt will come up asking you “Are you Sure You Want to Lock the Folder (Y/N)?
  • Just type Y ( meaning Yes)

Then the locker folder created will disappear

  • To view the folder and your hidden files, double click the .bat file again.

A command prompt comes up asking for the password which you had modified in the code earlier.

  • Type in the password and the locker folder appears for you to access your hidden files.

Click to Download Folder Locker Code Here

We do hope this article on how to protect folder with password on windows was helpful.

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