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Top 5 Social Media Sites To Give Your Business A Leap 2020-2021

Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are online platforms that allow users to create public profiles and interact with other users on the websites.

The sites usually create connection features between users which allow them to connect and interact with each other.

The various ways such users interact is often through chats,  shares, likes, comments, in some cases phone calls  etc.

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Social media: You, Will, Wish You Read This before You Started Using it

social media

The importance of this article is to assess how social media overuse affects us all as human beings.

First, have you tried to find out why social media companies higher certain personnel called Attention Engineers?

What is the role of attention engineers to these social media organizations?

The role of an attention engineer is to make the tools as addictive as possible. You still do not understand?

Okay fine am not surprised if you do not seem to get yet where I am driving at. read more