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Airtable Vs Asana: Ultimate Review to Pick the Best

airtable vs asana

Airtable Vs Asana

Are you finding it hard to choose between Airtable and Asana for your project management?Airtable and Asana are great project management solutions that assist teams plan, coordinating, and meeting project deadlines.

In this article, we bring you a detailed comparison of Airtable vs. Asana including the features, pricing, and many more to help you make the right decision.

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Buddy Loans Application- You Must Read This

Image credit: moneynerd

Have you ever heard of buddy loans?

Due to the recent unimaginable economic difficulties, loan applications have multiplied all across the world. And the primary cause, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, is not implausible.

Unfortunately, not all loan apps are real. Even some that claim to be real offer poor quality of service.

Hence, a lot of people find it hard to know which of the loan apps is real and offers quality service to its customers. read more

5 Best Agile Project Management Software for Your Teams

agile project management software

Are you in need of efficient agile project management software?
Do you struggle with choosing the right agile project management software for your project team?

In this article, we bring you a detailed analysis of 5 different agile project management solutions to help you make the right choice for your teams.

This article covers what agile project management software is, 5 best agile project management software, etc. read more

What Big Data is: Still pumping your private info out anyhow?

what big data is

Hello, I welcome you to this article that centers on what big data is.

Are you still in the habit of pouring out your private information into any social media platform, mobile apps, or during sites registration?

Then you must read this to be well guided and for your own betterment

If you have an understanding of what big data is in the context in which we are going to approach it, then you will begin to have a change of attitude. read more

Social media: You, Will, Wish You Read This before You Started Using it

social media

The importance of this article is to assess how social media overuse affects us all as human beings.

First, have you tried to find out why social media companies higher certain personnel called Attention Engineers?

What is the role of attention engineers to these social media organizations?

The role of an attention engineer is to make the tools as addictive as possible. You still do not understand?

Okay fine am not surprised if you do not seem to get yet where I am driving at. read more

This Is The Most Accurate And Correct Definition Of Digital Marketing

Definition Of Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing there is a lot of confusion involved.

What is digital marketing?, What is it for? People often make it a lot more complicated than it really is.

But it is really easy to understand which is why we created this detailed article to just break it down for you.

In this write-up, we are going to lay down the simplified definition of digital marketing for you in our own words. read more

How Much Is Amazon Worth Right Now?

How Much Is Amazon Worth

How much is amazon worth?  is a trending question on the lips of many and through the  keyboards/keypads of many across the globe today.

For the record, Amazon is the second most valuable company in the whole world right now.

With a valuation of about $1 trillion, what started as a modest book merchant became the biggest success from the late90s boom.

Now its founder Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man on earth. And it seems he is poised for the world domination. read more

7 Horrible mistakes you make when securing a database

securing a database

As attackers still concentrate on attack methods like service denial and vandalism, cybercriminals aim at unauthorized access of databases.

This article brings you 7 horrible blunders that most database experts and developers make when securing a database which is way dangerous to the database.
Database security is quite a broad concept that could never be covered in a single article.

However, knowing the unhealthy habits of running database security which is capable of endangering the database helps one to avoid such mistakes to guaranty safer and more secure database.

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Avoid The Following Mistakes in Securing a Database

1. Keeping Both Database and Web Server on the same server

Most IT teams of organizations see nothing wrong installing both the database and the web server in the same machine.

But I see everything wrong with this style while securing a database.

This is because, although putting both on the same server makes it easy for management and in terms of saving cost too, this mistake makes access to the database more effortless and easy.

Securing a database requires conscious effort to engage in the right habits and putting both web server and the database in the same server is not among the best habits in this regards.

2. Running Database Files Without Encryptions
According to Wikipedia,” Database encryption can generally be defined as a process that uses an algorithm to transform data stored in a database into “cipher text” that is incomprehensible without first being decrypted”

Hence the purpose of encrypting a database is basically to ensure that the data stored in it is protected from being accessed by an individual with potential malicious intentions.
Therefore, in securing a database one has to encrypt it adequately.

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3. Using a Shared Web server
Despite how sensitive the data in a database are, some people still do not see the need to host such a database in a dedicated server.

This I must say is one of the worst decisions in securing a database.

You may also need to speak with your host on what your security policies are and what their own security responsibilities should be with reference to your hosting account.

Sure it is always cheaper hosting on a shared server, but as I said earlier in this paragraph if your database holds sensitive information, it is better you use a dedicated server.

4. Not Turning On Security Controls on the Database
Of course, most databases have security control turned on automatically these days.

But then due to how critical the issue of securing a database is, it doesn’t hurt taking pains to enable security control in your database in a few minutes.

5. Allowing too many third Party Applications
It is not the right approach to allow too many third-party applications on the site or platform.

Especially those apps that pull directly from the database constitutes a potential threat to the security of the database.

Hence as a smart way of securing a database, we advise limiting the number of third-party software.

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6. Not Encrypting Backup Files.
Unfortunately, many people care less about database backups taken and stored somewhere.

But research shows that not all data thefts are carried out by outside attacks.

As sometimes, it is someone around you that you even trust that can commit such a crime.

Encrypting your database backup is a good way to protect that confidential data in the system.

7. Non- regular Patches Update
Running the system without current patches helps to expose the database to easy access and compromise.

I find so many administrators guilty on this. Instead of clicking on Remind Me Later button, why not have a little patience and click that Update Now tab.

This will sure save your work and maybe even your job.
I do hope this article helped to provide you with the necessary guide in securing a database.

In case we miss out on anyone kindly drop us a comment, or if there is any area you will like us to write on, kindly leave a comment below.

Here are the Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2022

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web hosting

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Web hosting companies keep growing in numbers day in day out.

Most of them come up without strict regulations because of that,  standards are not followed then customers of such companies suffer.

I have seen some clients losing their entire online businesses to unstructured and unreliable   web hosting companies.

This article reviews and brings you top 5 best web hosting companies of 2018 to help you make an informed choice in selecting which of them to go for.

Through very meticulous research, studying some algorithm based on real life data, we have come up with this list of hosting companies.

There are hundreds of web hosting companies and equally many different opinions on which is better.

But in my analysis, i will bring you the top 5 best web hosting companies you need to consider while thinking of hosting your website based on careful review.

After testing over 100 web hosting companies, I have streamlined my list to just  5 of them that I know I can rely strongly on .

Do not get me wrong, others may also be doing well, but they may not be superb in terms of some testing parameters which you are about to see below.

We have decided to rank these top 5 web hosting companies by the following 5 characteristic properties that matter the most to an average website owner.

Characteristic Properties of the web hosting companies in view read more

Nokia 6.1 (2018) Vs Nokia 6.0 (2017)-  6 Things to Know Before Buying

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nokia 6.1 (2018) Image

Nokia establishment in a bid to recapture the smartphone market has recently been involved in bringing out some powerful gadgets in the likes of Nokia 3310, 5, 6.0,6.1 etc.

The fact is that Nokia as a brand still has a sizeable number of fans with some passion reserved in one corner of their hearts for the corporation’s products.

For some, the ruggedness of the products which they used to enjoy with Nokia maybe what still endears them to the products or why the old love still exist.

While others, it may be the battery life strength their products held as a  strong point in those days. read more

New Nokia 3310! Before You Buy, Read This

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new nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310 was launched about ten months ago.

But our readers, followers and fans have being asking us to make a review on it to enable them buy wisely.

Recall the old or initial Nokia 3310 was an epitome of a rugged device with long battery life as well as the Snake game that was unique.

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When it fizzled out of circulation, many still placed demand on it from time to time.

In fact, I writing this article had one which I enjoyed throughout when it was trending.

The essence of this review is to help you make an informed choice while considering a phone to buy especially new Nokia 3310.

We will talk about its Plus (+) and Minus (-) in terms of features, design, connectivity speed, etc.

New Nokia 3310 Features read more

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Which of These Consoles Should You Buy?

Xbox One X

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Two of the superb Microsoft game consoles offer some similarities in terms of features; however possess different levels of performance.

To determine which console to purchase between the two is often a herculean task at the surface level.

To make the buying decision as easy as possible, we made this research and put together an article to help you out.

This is to ensure you don’t waste your hard earned funds to buy what does not serve your entertainment pleasure as far as a game console is concerned.

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Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: See what they have in common

In our effort to see to it that your buying decision is effortless without regrets thereafter, we will begin with the features that are common to both devices.

Areas of Similarities are as follows:

  • Ports
  • Connectivity
  • Media Playback

Both consoles come with three USB 3.0 connectors, two at the rear and one at the front.

Also, the consoles have a pair of HDMI ports(2.0b out and 1.4b in), Ethernet, S/PDIF audio an IR output.

Both consoles possess support for 4K HDR content via the HDR 10 standard, and both have UHD Blu-ray disc drives.

Also, available is Dolby Atmos, as is Dolby Digital 5.1audio.

For Home Theatre fans, both consoles are compliant.


Apple  Watch, This Is What is Called Technological Revolution


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In our review, one of the major differences comparing  Xbox  One X vs Xbox One S is in the design.

The Xbox One X is slightly smaller in physical size than the Xbox one S.

Similarly, Xbox One S is designed in such a way that the internal heat generated is let out from the top part of the device while in Xbox One X it is not so.

In Xbox One X, there is no vent to let out the heat, which means you could comfortably place your other AV kits on it without being worried about any hot air damaging them.

That of course, you can’t try on Xbox One S.


When it comes to technical capacity and performance, the Xbox One X is built with modern operational capability in mind with features that meet up with recent mid-range gaming technology.

Though  Xbox One S system has similar technology but a bit different in terms of modernisation requirements.

This suggests that in terms of gaming prowess, both devices handle it differently even though they at the end precipitate their outputs in UHD resolutions.

In Xbox One S, it delivers UHD gaming upscaled from FHD thereby mimicking the original 4K.

That is because it uses so-called ‘checkerboarding’  anti-aliasing technology to make pixels where there are none, creating an impression of a sharper and brighter image.


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It functions well, however it is not original 4K.

Although Xbox One X uses a little upscaling as well, but it is seriously beefed up with requirements to the extent it possesses the power enough to render games in much more higher resolutions than the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X features positions it to be able to produce richer, more realistic images.

With higher Video memory as well, it gives room for higher resolution of games textures.


Yes both consoles share the same domain library of games, but you will notice that some load with a title ‘Enhanced for One X’ suggesting they have some visual standards you will not find in other versions of the game.


Recall from our initial attempt above, comparing their designs, we said Xbox One S lets out hot air from the top part of the box, but Xbox One X does not.

This brings us to the fact that Xbox One X is fitted with features that cool its system making it generate less heat and even manages it to a level it has no effect on the system and the environment.


While Xbox One S comes with storage memory ranging from 500Gb to 2TB, Xbox One X starts its memory from 1TB with 8GB flash storage that helps store frequently loaded operating system files .

The essence of that is to speed up loading and performance.


Finally, the difference left is in the cost or prize so to speak.

While the One S cost about £200, the One X cost as much as £450 or more.

We hope this article will be able to provide the needed info that will guide you in making a decision with regards to the Xbox consoles.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is undeniably one of the best and outstanding smartphones of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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It was launched in March 2017 by Samsung.

The device indeed represents the pinnacle of mobile phone technology in the 21st century.

In terms of speed, it’s quite fast, super sharp when it comes to camera and fantastically efficient in display.

The Samsung Galaxy S8  is featured with a 5.8 inch touchscreen display carrying a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2960 pixels at a ppl of 570 pixels per inch.

Below are other Configurations of Samsung Galaxy S8


Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors


Corning Gorilla Glass 5

3D Touch (home button only)

Always-on display

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Comparing iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus Everything you need to know

comparing iphone x,8, 8 plus

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Comparing iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus to x-ray the major differences between the three series of the smartphones in this article is as a result of your numerous calls for it from many of you our esteemed readers and followers.

At the end of this article, we will find joy in our hearts if you got some info that helped you make a well-informed choice without buying what you really do not need.

Comparing iphone x, 8, 8 plus will be a bit tricky because they almost have the same features but just with some key properties different although they do significantly the same job.

But keep in mind that of the three apple iphone series, iphone x appears to have a little more advanced features than the other two.


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And please note that in comparing iphone x, 8, 8 plus, we are only going to lay emphasis on the features that are not the same and ignore those that are the same.

Therefore, do not expect to see whole features mentioned here.

Key features when comparing iPhone x, 8, 8 Plus

Screen Display Capacity:

iPhone x                              5.8”(Super Retina HD display)

iPhone 8 Plus                     5.5”(Retina  HD display)

iPhone 8                              4.7”(Retina HD display)

Human Recognition:

iPhone x                              Face ID

iPhone 8 Plus                     Touch ID

iPhone 8                              Touch ID

Display Configuration:

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iPhone x                              HDR display          2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi

iPhone 8 Plus                     –                                              1920-by-1080-pixel resolution at 401 ppi

iPhone 8                              –                                              1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi

Size and Weight:

iPhone x              Height-5.6 Inches, Width-2.79 Inches, Dept.-0.30 Inches, Weight-174 grams

iPhone 8 Plus     Height-6.24 Inches, Width-3.07 Inches, Dept.-0.30 Inches, Weight-202 grams

iPhone 8              Height-5.45 Inches, Width-2.65 Inches, Dept.-0.29 Inches, Weight-148 grams

Video Calling:

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Iphone X              FaceTime video, Initiate video calls over Wi‑Fi or cellular to any FaceTime-enabled device

iPhone 8 Plus     –                              –

iPhone 8              –                              –
comparing iphone x, 8, 8plus

Audio Calling:

iPhone X              FaceTime audio, Voice over LTE (VoLTE)7,Wi-Fi calling7

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iPhone 8 Plus     –                              –                                              –

iPhone 8              –                              –                                              –


iPhone x              Use your voice to do a lot e.g send messages, send reminders etc.

Other two do not have.

Power and Battery Life:

iPhone x              2 hours longer than that of iphone 7

iPhone 8 Plus     same as that of iPhone 7

iPhone 8              same as that of iPhone 7

SIM Card:

iPhone x              Nano-SIM, not compatible with micro-SIM




As earlier mentioned, there are loads and loads of features with this iPhone Smartphones, but our focus was on the difference between them.

It is important to mention also that Apple always has this vision of making a phone that is all screen, and that is it in iPhone x especially.


And now you have them.

We hope this will assist you by guiding you to select the best that suits your needs.

Inputs, comments and even criticisms are always welcome.

Or just in case you have any topic you will like us to discuss on any IT product or service, kindly drop it at our comment box below or better still mail us at

You are the reason we work hard.