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Google Meet vs Zoom in 2023

google meet vs zoom

Are you having a hard time deciding which one to choose between google meet vs zoom for your conferences and remote meetings?.

Then look no further as this article is created to give you all details to help you make the right choice between google meet vs zoom conference applications taking into consideration some important factors.

With the recent increase in the need for remote meetings and work from home concept, video calling products owners continue to scheme to provide the best and gain more market share. read more

How to Install Drivers On Your Windows PC in Few Simple Steps

how to install drivers

Are you wondering how to install drivers on your windows computer?

This article will guide you step by step on how to accomplish the task with no step skipped.

You may have had your computer operating system reloaded or any of your hardware drivers like LAN, VGA etc drivers are now corrupt.

And you want to install them back by yourself to restore the full functionality of your pc, so this article will be your great companion to do that. read more

Google Sheets Secrets-Even In This Down Economy

this is google sheets images

What exactly is Google sheets and how useful is it to me as a computer user, a simple data processing person, or even a business owner?

In this article, we will explain everything about what Google sheets is, its features so you will have a full understanding of how important it can be to you.

Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides make up Google Drive.

What then is Google Sheets?

Google sheet is a free online computer program used in creating and manipulating spreadsheets. read more

My Whole Computer Science Degree in 20 Minutes

computer science

Wow! I welcome you to this article which is completely about computer science degree, graduates and students of computer science.

Computer science is the study of computers and computing systems.

It deals mostly with software and software systems which also involves their theory, design, development and application.

In a standard curriculum, the principal areas of study within Computer Science are:

Artificial intelligence

 Computer systems and networks,


Database systems read more

This is the Fastest and Easiest Way to convert Youtube to Mp3 in 2020

youtube to mp3

In this article, we will show you how easy and fast it is to convert YouTube to mp3 format without any hassle.

Mp3 is a file extension and compression method that utilizes the MPEG standard to reduce the size, often by a factor of 12

So to convert Youtube to mp3 just following the steps below:

  1. Go to and search the music you will like to convert.

2. After selecting the music you want to convert to mp3, open another browser instance to Google search read more

What is an ai file and how can I open it easily in Coreldraw and others?

ai file

ai file is a file extension which stands for adobe illustrator.

It is a file created by the vector graphics software called adobe illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is a professional drawing and design application, and saves drawings in a vector graphics format with the .ai file extension.

The content of the file can be used widely because the graphics retain their details at the maximum zoom level.

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How to Use Google Classroom 2021 – Tutorial for Beginners

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a service that allows teachers to share files, make announcements create assignments, grade assignments and allow them to communicate with their students in a paperless way..

The good news is that Google classroom is completely free however your school may have to sign up .for a G-suite for education account in order to use it with students.

Your school can sign up for free and the account is to help ensure additional privacy and security for the students.

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom

The class is the actual virtual room where you will meet with your students.

And you need to create one or more classes depending on if you teach more than one subject or course.

  1. Visit on any web browser to have access to the Google Classroom homepage
  • On the Welcome screen, click the plus sign at the top and click on Create Class.
  • read more

    5 Shocking Facts about Windows 10 Update Assistant You Must Know

    Windows 10 Update Assistant

    Windows 10 update assistant is a tool developed by Microsoft to help

    Windows 10 users manage their operating system updates and upgrade activities.

    With this tool, users can set the timing for their windows updates and let them initiate scheduled updating automatically.

    Of course, we all should be aware of the very critical importance of software updates.

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    To avoid issues like vulnerability and so on, it is quite necessary that we update our software regularly.

    Windows 10 Update Assistant is also very helpful in terms of version upgrade efforts as it makes upgrading simple and hassle-free.

    In view of some of these reasons, IT personnel will always like to take advantage of Windows 10 Update Assistant facility to carry out updates management across multiple organizations’ computers at the same time.

    As we read on, we will see certain facts about this tool and will know whether it possesses such capability or not.

    Besides, we will see some of the basic facts that will help us to make a more informed decision about whether or not to install Windows 10 update Assistant on our machines.

    Of course, a good number of Windows users are commonly known to be running outdated versions.

    Some may not even be aware they need to update their operating systems periodically.

    Read Also 

    This article will enlighten us on all related issues as well.
    Microsoft Corporation, the developer and owners of Windows Operating system has always been keen on trying to make users have great user experience using their products especially windows 10.

    Recall that every version of windows is always a product of an older version with some upgrades and new features.

    As Microsoft keeps improving on her products globally, the need to keep them fresh and secure for users is key.

    Updates are actually software development industry standard.

    That is to say as a software developer, you have the responsibility of making available updates to improve, secure and repair any glitches, bumps and some enhancements for your clients’ software.

    So as a user you are to take advantage of such updates and even possible upgrades that come handy.

    Windows 10 update assistant is quite helpful to me because I use windows 10 (1903 version) due to the upgrade I did use the facility recently.

    In case you do not know how to check the version of windows you are using, do the following:
    1. On your desktop search bar,
    2. Type this command winver and press enter
    3. A small page will appear showing the windows version you are using.
    4. To close, click Okay

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    Shocking Facts About Windows 10 Update Assistant That You Must Know

    1. Windows 10 Update Assistant is a free tool Many people have this notion that Microsoft always sells all their products.
    On the contrary, this tool is all free just to help you have great user experience with Windows 10.

    Again it can only the run on a single computer at a time.
    Also, the fact that it can only be run on one computer at a time makes it impossible for IT personnel to run it in multiple computers at the same time, at least for now.

    2.Disconnect External Devices

    When Installing Windows 10 Update Assistant, you must as necessary precaution disconnect all system peripherals e.g. USB Flash drives, Printers and other external storage devices to avoid installation issues.

    3. Take Backups

    During the installation of Windows 10 Update Assistant, you are strongly advised to take backups of your system information just in case something goes wrong.

    4. Delay Update/Upgrade a bit

    It is strongly also advised that you do not rush to upgrade your windows immediately any time Microsoft releases a new version.

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    10 Super Easy Ways to make your computer faster Win 7, 8, 10, etc

    I suggest you give it a period like one or two months, ones you are sure your windows is not yet in very bad shape.

    This is to ensure no possible issues with the update yet before you upgrade.

    5. Windows Restore Point.
    One of the very important facts about installing Windows 10 Update assistant is the fact that anything could just go wrong during installation.

    Apart from taking backups and disconnecting external devices as indicated above, you must set windows to restore point before you start the installation.

    Windows restore point will help you to reverse immediately to your windows the way it was before you commenced the installation should there be an issue with the update.

    Where to get Windows 10 update assistant
    Click HERE to download and install.
    Installing it is quite easy and does not require you to be techy.

    Installation on average should take between 25 to 35 minutes depending on the speed of your internet and capacity of your computer.

    We do hope this article was of help.

    If you have further inputs and contrary view, please drop us a comment below and we will appreciate that.

    See top 4 cloud security technology tools you must consider to secure your cloud resources 2020

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    cloud security technology tools

    Cloud computing is fast transforming the way we do business, making information technology more efficient and cost-effective.

    But it also exposes companies to all sorts of cyber threats. These days, it is no longer a matter of if, but when it will happen.

    In this article, we will talk about cloud computing, its advantages, the security threats to cloud system and the top 4 cloud security technology tools to help you secure your cloud solutions, data, and accounts.

    Cloud computing involves putting your information technology resources such as hardware, software and other resources on the cloud also known as data centers to enable you to run your IT operations seamlessly with regards to your business.

    Below are some of the advantages of migrating to cloud computing system

  • Helps you to achieve more with less
  • Enhance mobility and scalability
  • Flexible cost
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Centrally update solutions
  • 9% availability (depending on the stability of the host)
  • Highly cost effective
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    Hot! Check Out Amazon BestSeller Tech Products in 2020

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    Amazon Bestseller Tech Products in 2018

    Amazon bestseller technology products review has become necessary to guide customers, users and even investors on the list of tech or electronic products that are most likely to fly very high in the year 2018.

    With proper awareness, buyers will buy wisely and not be scared of wasting their hard-earned funds on products that will not satisfy their taste.

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    There are thousands and thousands of sales products in Amazon stores.

    Not all products are bestsellers because some others sell faster and quicker which is an indication of high acceptability.

    Amazon has got some awesome, affordable and sophisticated tech products for 2018.

    Hence it is our pleasure to make a list of few of them and let you know  what we feel concerning them.

    With these products, you could either buy and use or buy and sell in your country or location to  make extra income this year.

    So without any further delay, let us start.

    Amazon Bestseller Tech Products 2018


    Amazon Bestseller Tech Products in 2018

    What is it?

    Amazon Fire TV is a content streaming device. Takes content (e.g Videos, Audio music, games etc.) from the internet and showcase them on your home TV for your entertainment.

    Just read on, later you will understand why this product makes the list of Amazon Bestseller Tech Products in 2018.

    It lets you make use of some applications to watch Videos, Listen to Music and play games from the internet on your television.

    It comes in two models: Fire TV Stick which is like a data dongle supports 1080p video.

    The second is Fire TV Box which supports both HDR video and 4K Ultra HD. It has higher speed and efficiency as well as storage capacity.

    How Does it Work?

    It transmits videos, music, games and other content from online platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO/NOW, Sling TV, ESPN, Disney, PBS etc. to your TV.

    Fire TV Stick is just plugged to your TV via the HDMI port at the back or side of your TV.

    After installation for the first time, you subsequently just have to plug and play.

    The Fire TV Box has a small box and HDMI cable through which it plugs to the HMDI slot of your  TV and leaving it hanging beside the TV.

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    The current Prize of  Fire TV Stick on Amazon is about $40

    I tell you this technology is been enjoyed by thousands of users across the globe today.

    1. ECHO DOT

    Amazon Bestseller Tech Products in 2018

    This is a smart speaker device developed by Amazon. It is capable of interaction with humans through the wake word “Alexa”.

    It can interact with other smart home devices as well through connecting to voice-controlled intelligent Personal Assistant(PA) alexa service.

    The device is capable of undertaking the following tasks:

  • Play music
  • Provide news
  • Control smart home devices
  • Set alarm
  • Can connect through Bluetooth or via audio cable to speakers to play music through platforms like Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.
  • Uses its in-built speakers as a smart alarm in the bedroom.
  •  Hears and communicate with you across the room using far-field voice recognition.
  • It is capable of control other smart home devices such as lights, switches, thermostats, and more with compatible connected devices from WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, ecobee, etc. With these functionalities, the device can as well order for pizza from pizza shop, request cab from Uber and so on.
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    How to buy bitcoin with peace of mind in 2020

    how to buy bitcoin

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    How to buy bitcoin with peace of mind in 2018 will definitely be a question in the list of many as we approach the brand new incoming year.

    Usually, as the year runs towards the end, people and businesses begin to count their blessing or losses for the outgoing year in order to help them reposition and re-strategize against the coming year.

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around the virtual currency arena for a couple of years now.

    Needless to say, Bitcoin has been a powerful virtual currency that appears to grow much faster in strength than any currency in the whole wide world; not even the great American dollar, British pounds or any other western currency has been able to challenge it.

    How bitcoin works is exactly not so clear.

    However, efforts to explain its modus operandi by a couple of experts just indicates that it is a virtual currency that can be sent and received only through the internet.

    At the moment, bitcoin has grown stronger to a level its exchange per dollar is about 1B = $19548.7193 ( as at the time of this report).

    I am sure you know that at the moment, there is no currency with such exchange rate capacity in the world aside from bitcoin.

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    Do not let us digress from our main topic of interest which is how to buy bitcoin.

    Because of the growth of bitcoin over a short period of time thereby making investors billionaires, it has become an avenue for a lot of scam businesses online.

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    So our discussion will not only center on how to buy Bitcoin, but also on how to buy bitcion and still maintain peace of mind knowing you cant be duped.

    So many stories and complains online how several innocent buyers have been swindled of their hard-earned funds while trying to buy bitcoin.

    This brought a burden in our hearts to research into this topic to save our readers from falling victims of dubious acts of some negatively smart people.

    As earlier mentioned above, bitcoin can only be sent and received online, but it can be paid for by physical cash deposit while it will be transferred via the net after payment confirmation.

    Therefore, since sending it can only be gotten through the internet, then procuring it will definitely be  through a website as well.

    Below is the list of 7 most authentic and reliable websites with where and how to buy bitcoin and you can be sure of not losing your money.

    3. PAXFUL
    4. BTC-e
    5. ItBit
    6. OkCoin
    7. BitStamp

    You can peruse those sites by clicking on any of them to navigate to their homepage and read about them, understand all you need to know how to buy bitcoin.

    Meanwhile, bitcoin has its central hub website which hosts and handles all bitcoins transactions to other vendors websites as the ones mentioned above. The name of the bitcoin hub site is blockchain.

    You can know more about the site and bitcoin by logging into

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      Best information technology degrees you should consider going for

    best information technology degrees

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    best information technology degrees

    Success according to many has little to do with your course of study.

    When it comes to the issue of selecting a course in the university, there are actually several hypotheses and unverifiable theories as to how a course of study can or cannot influence someone’s success in life.

    However, in my personal observation over the years, I have come to realise that everybody was born with a specific talent which will be more relevant in a particular course or area of specialization except if one does not plan to grow through a particular formal career.

    I have met a lot of professionals who complain had they been properly guided before selecting a course to study in the tertiary institution; they would have gone for something else.

    That is to say it is possible you study a course you do not have enough information about and that has the tendency of making you regret at a later age in life.

    Therefore, the essence of this article is to provide proper guide to those who will prefer to take a career in information technology with regards to the best information technology degrees to consider.

    Information technology is quite broad, as it ranges from hardware, to software, database, web, networking, etc. each of these can further be subdivided into different branches as well.

    In this write-up, we will provide you with a list of the best information technology degrees that are likely to be around in the next few decades to come.

    This implies that you may not regret undertaking them as areas of specializations anytime soon because the truth is that even in information technology, some degrees are more needed in the labour market than others.

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    And our list is to give you the best information technology degrees that are highly sort after by employers and captains of industries.

    Below are the best information technology degrees to pick from

    1. Computer Programming Degree

    This involves obtaining a degree in computer programming.  And computer programming deals with writing computer codes to drive computer hardware and achieve results.

    Recently, it is no longer news that software jobs out numbers other IT jobs due to the need to automate systems and business operations worldwide.

    The computer programmers are in short supply because there are quite huge programming jobs to be accomplished across the globe,

    • When you become a holder of this degree and possess the necessary programming skill, you will be hot cake to industries and organisations who will need your services with remunerations.
    1. Cyber Security Degree

    Securing the cyberspace is a huge challenge that the world is grappling with in this current IT age.

    Someone recently described cyber-hacking as the worst form of terrorism bedeviling the world.

    Big organizations now invest heavily in the area of cybersecurity and that also include hiring cybersecurity experts spending millions of dollars.

    Therefore, cybersecurity as one of the very best information technology degrees will continue to be relevant in the job space for decades.

  • Cloud Computing Courses
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    See the 6 Keyways Private Cloud Technology can boost your business.

    Private Cloud Technology

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    What is cloud technology or cloud computing?

    Just in case you do not know what cloud technology or computing means or if it still sounds like one strange departmental jargon to you, it is simply a way of enjoying information technology resources or services via the internet.

    For example, your servers, network, applications, storage, database, etc being offered to you across the internet (cloud).

    There are three different cloud technology deployment models which include Private Cloud Technology, Public Cloud Technology, and Hybrid.

    Private cloud technology type deals with setting up a cloud location within a given business environment.

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    E.g. you own a business and want cloud services and decide to set it up within your business premises strictly for your business, no sharing of such hosting services with any other individual or organization.

    You could also be right to say a private cloud technology is created and managed by an entity enterprise.

    While on the other hand, public cloud technology involves sharing hosting resource with two or more people or organisations.

    The hybrid cloud is a situation where a private cloud is connected to a public cloud to activate work processes or operation across the two environments.

    But our interest at this moment is on private cloud option, in our subsequent write-ups we will discuss more on other models.

    Unfortunately, many businesses are yet to appreciate the advantages of private cloud technology to their investments.

    Or some still think cloud computing generally is mainly for the blue-chip companies such as HP, Microsoft, Amazon,  Google, DHL, Apple and the likes.

    But it will interest you to know that all businesses enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in the same way, be it small or big company.

    Below are the 6 key benefits of private cloud technology that will dramatically improve your business output and income.

    Many organisations who have realized the importance have turned to cloud computing without delay.

    1. COST

    Generally, cutting cost is quite important for any establishment that aims to grow and increase productivity.

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    The cost of procuring servers, hardware, network equipment, power supply and backups for the company premises to set up data centers is critically reduced with the use of private cloud technology.

    As well, it reduces carbon footprint within the organisation


    Because the private cloud is enjoyed by just an individual establishment, such organinsation has the control of configuring the inline functionality to serve it in the best way it wishes.


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    While public cloud possesses a certain level of security, private cloud is the most secured model as there is no multiple access to the center hence chances of unauthorized access is quite slim.

    1. SPEED

    Speed is often key when it comes to technology services.

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    Because the private cloud is not shared by multiple users at the same time, there are available resources to service the only establishment billed to enjoy the service.


    Cloud bursting entails n application deployment style whereby an application running in a private cloud technology or data centers blows into the public cloud when the demand for it increases beyond the capacity of the private cloud.

    Therefore, some vendors offer this as part of their plans to users. This is quite helpful in organisattions with irregular demands that could spike up any moment.


    With virtualization option, private cloud technology is super reliable as it allows the systems to harness the resources from points that are less in demand to make the system more reliable.

    With this information, we believe you must have been better informed on how useful private cloud technology will be to your business.

    See the magic web based tech support can do to your business

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    web based tech support

    Web based tech support system is a multidisciplinary approach which deals with using computer technology via web platforms to offer support on a particular domain or area of business.

    Therefore, web based tech support makes use of computer technology web applications combined with to address support needs of a system or area of business.

    So how then is web based tech support system useful to business and what are the advantages engaging the system? Because as a business investor, I may need to understand how the system can assist my business make progress and boost productivity.

    Let’s take most of the money we would’ve spent on paid advertising and paid marketing and instead of spending it on that invest it in the customer experience /customer service and then let our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth.-Tony Hsieh Zappo(Client Heartbeat)

    Customer, they say is king in any business hence deserves the best of service and support. Every business first looks out for customer satisfaction before talking of profit.

    Because with customer satisfaction, you will need less efforts to advertise your brand or products/services.

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    The application of web based tech support system to your business therefore ensures that you enjoy some of the following advantages.

  • Timely response to customers’ complains
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    See the Importance of Wireless Technology in Business

    wireless technology in business

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    This article analyzes and tries to emphasize the importance of wireless technology in business at all levels.

    The value offered by any business is a quite wide in ordinary terms as it involves a lot of other components to make it complete.

    However, a business is said to deliver value if it is able to meet up with reliable productivity, efficiency, job  and customer satisfaction.

    A couple of studies in the recent past have shown that small businesses indicate they will hardly survive without the application of wireless technology in business.

    Wireless Technology

    For decades now, local area networks (LAN) have been typically limited to physical wired segments. But with the emergence of technologies that utilize infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) to carry data, LANs have been liberated from the limitations of the physical media.

    This implies that, wireless technology is a network setup where wires are not used to connect devices to transmit data rather that is done via RF and IR.

    What good has this phenomenon brought to the  businesses world?

    Perhaps it is important to accept that there are few concerns network experts and users point out regarding wireless technologies.

    For instance, comparing wireless with wired in terms of security and speed, they say wired is more secure than wireless. Sure, that was then but for now, there are quite a couple of security solutions (Hardware and Software) that can be deployed to make wireless as secure as wired and facilitate the speed of wireless networks.

    That is a topic for another article some other day.

    Wireless technology in business is something that should interest any business owner as it aims to bring higher productivity and increase in income to the business.

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    Let’s look at some of the advantages Wireless Technology brings to businesses.

    1. Improved Mobility

    This happens to be the biggest merits wireless technology brings to any business. Rather than employees being glued to one seat to work when they are to move around due to work need, they have the freedom to access the server, internet and other network resources from any point around the office environment.

    This makes work a lot seamless, easy and simplified  as well,  the bottom line is high output amounting to business growth.

    1. Scalability

    Imagine a situation where when the company procures any new computer, the network administrator has to go crimping cables running them across office spaces to join the new system. All these inconveniences will be eliminated through deploying wireless technology in business.

    All they just need to do is activate the Wi-Fi function of the pc and type in the passcode, in a jiffy the user begins to work.

    The time and other resources put in to extend physical network cables will be plunged back into the business for higher productivity.

    1. Encourages Bring Your Own Device(BOYD) activities

    Most companies running wireless technologies in their business indirectly engage staff personal devices to do official work  since the technology makes it easier for staffers to bring in their laptops, tablest, PDAs and other mobile devices to connect and make use of them for their official duties.

    This saves the company some resources of having to provide such devices to staff in need.

    1. Increase Productivity

    One other very great advantage of wireless technology in business is that it brings about high productivity as staff can collaborate and share resources where and when around the network covered areas. Sometimes, employees can as well take their devices home to work after closing hours as still have access to the same office resources.

    1. Public Wi-Fi HOTSPOTS

    The public domain is not left out of wireless technology . With wi-fi hotspots being placed in strategic important spots around the cities  like coffee shops, railways, school campuses, hotels, trains stations, buses, hospitals etc, employees out of the office who find themselves in such locations can take advantage of the wireless network facility to continue their work thereby boosting business productivity. Such staff can access and reply their mails, post transactions to office servers etc.

    1. Easy Connectivity To Guests Devices

    It is always a long process connecting guest to office network. Extending network with cables is often not so convenient. But with wireless technology, it is quite simple and without hassle.

    In a situation for instance where the network ports in the conference hall are only 12, and you have 18 guests in the hall with laptops and other wireless enabled devices to connect, wireless technology makes it easier to connect them without much worries.

    1. WI_FI is Cheaper in terms of Cost

    Deploying wireless technology is way cheaper than making use of hard wired network both in terms of coverage and number of users involved. You keep investing in materials like wires and other accessories if using wired technology while a single wireless device covers many users and distance.

  • Free Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone calls
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