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Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all you need to know about AI.

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

The easiest way to talk about the definition of artificial intelligence is in the context of human beings.

After all, humans are the most intelligent creatures that ever existed  even up till now.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science.

And the goal of AI is to create systems that can function intelligently and independently.

Humans can speak and listen to communicate through language. This is the feature of speech recognition. read more

Definition of Blogging and How it can Help Your Business to Grow

definition of blogging image

The definition of blogging dates back to several years ago when people had opportunity to share their personal information on a small website page.

Then, people used what was called web logs to pass their personal information about things.

Some of the things people wrote about on weblogs include personal opinions, mood, family events, etc.

And over time, technology kept growing to the point, web logs became known as blogs. read more

Computer Hardware Engineer: Job Description, Salary And Skill Needed

This is computer hardware engineer image

A computer hardware engineer is responsible for research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components.

Some of the components include processors, chips, servers, Keyboards, circuit boards, screens, memory devices, networks, and routers etc..

Fundamentally, to be hired as a computer hardware engineer, you need to have a degree in Computer Engineering.

Although, a degree in computer science and electrical electronics engineering with some practical work experience is also considered read more

3 Things I Wish I Knew About Facebook Business Manager Before Now

Facebook business manager

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that helps you to manage all your Facebook pages, Facebook ads and other Facebook marketing assets all from one place.

Let’s say you run a business where you have three different Facebook ads with two separate Facebook pages.

And in managing these assets, you login to your individual accounts to post on the different Facebook pages.

Also, you have to login to the different ads accounts to track advertisements’ performance and so on through the same personal ID. read more

Top 5 Social Media Sites To Give Your Business A Leap 2020-2021

Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are online platforms that allow users to create public profiles and interact with other users on the websites.

The sites usually create connection features between users which allow them to connect and interact with each other.

The various ways such users interact is often through chats,  shares, likes, comments, in some cases phone calls  etc.

The dream of every business owner is to have a growing business with high patronage. read more

AI, machine learning, Computer Vision, Big data, what are they?


It is amazing how fast the technology world is changing and impacting the entire global system.

What is also more revealing is the fact that the level of acceptance of latest technological innovations is alarming.

In this article, we bring you the very basic understanding of the above technological terms AI, machine learning, computer vision and big data trending for a couple of years now and how they impact almost everything around our world. read more

5 Superb Advantages of the Amazon Hub You Cant Resist it

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Amazon hub

Amazon hub is a sophisticated solution developed to help you receive and store your parcels at your residence even when you are not around.

This system was launched by Amazon corporation a few years back with the aim of helping families leave better lives.

It is a fast and easy way to receive parcels from any sender, anywhere.

In this article, talkinfotech will discuss  Amazon Hub in details  with regards to the  following :

  1. How it works
  2. The focus of Amazon Hub
  3. How it is different from Amazon locker
  4. Five superb advantages of Amazon hub and why it is a must-get facility
  5. Four simple Steps in Sending and Receiving Parcel through the Amazon hub
  6. How to get Amazon Hub in your residence

Think of a situation where you are planning a wedding ceremony and you are expecting a parcel to be delivered to you meant for the event the next day, let’s say your bride’s wedding gown and rings.

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And due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery company arrives your location very late and you are not around in your residence to receive the item, then the dispatch man tries to reach you on the phone, but your phone is plugged charging while you are attending to some other urgent issues relating to the ceremony.

Then after much effort, the dispatch officer fails to get through and he eventually leaves with the parcel to their office.

amazon hub

Unfortunately, the parcel delivery organisation opens late on Saturday which happens to be your wedding day.

The ceremony was fixed for 10 am while the delivery company resumes at 10 am as well.

Already, it is very clear plans have been disrupted and may end up affecting the entire wedding arrangement.

Someone may want to tell me, hey! With early and proper planning there won’t be such mess. But may I also tell you no matter how well planned at times things still could go wrong.

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From this scenario, if you had Amazon hub in your home, all the dispatch man needed to do was to drop the parcel in your hub and go; anytime you are around, you just open and retrieve your item no matter the time of the day.

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So look at Amazon hub as a friend that will be there for you when you are not available to receive, secure and safeguard your items delivered to your home for you.

How Does Amazon Hub Work?

So how does it work?

It is quite simple and straightforward. Packages sent to your home will be delivered to the hub.

Whenever you are ready to pick up your package, head to the hub and type in your pickup code and the hub door flings open on its own accord and you reach out to your item then pick it out.

Grab your package and enjoy. You can pick up a package from any sender, any company or group of individuals no matter where it was sent from, no matter the time of the day, in the morning, in the afternoon or late in the night, at your convenience.

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amazon hub

The hub is always open and conveniently located within your residence to make picking of package jiffy and as snappy as possible.

Meanwhile, structurally the hub has a cluster of boxes built finely and smoothly secured to an enclosed panel like a cupboard with a digital display screen which will allow you key in your pickup code.

It is highly safe and easily accessible by you since it is around your residence.

But how do you get the pickup code? It is simple, the code is generated and sent automatically to your mobile phone or email as soon as the delivery company arrives your home with the parcel.

amazon hub

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What Does The Hub Focus On?

The system focuses on residential locations and not for public locations.

Unlike a couple of other systems you find in malls, grocery stores etc, this solution is meant for private homes.

And it is not all residences that Amazon can install this solution in. There have to be some criteria met to qualify for the hosting of the hub in the residence.

How it is different from Amazon locker

So it will easy to wonder if there is any difference between Amazon Hub and Amazon locker.

Lockers are meant to be deployed in public locations like malls, grocery stores etc.

While Hubs are meant purely for residential places.

Amazon lockers receive parcels only from Amazon and not from other carriers.

But Hub receives from all carriers including Amazon.

And because hubs are located in private residences, they can be accessed any time of the day, while access to lockers depends on whether or not the location where they are kept is open.

Five superb advantages of Amazon hub and why it is a must get

Talking about the hub solution by Amazon, it has indeed brought convenience to lots and lots of people across the globe with regards to parcel delivery needs.

This article will not make much meaning if you do not talk in specific terms about the advantages of this hub solution developed by Amazon.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s proceed to see the advantages.

  1. Your parcel can be delivered to your home whether you or anyone else is in your home or not, the hub will help you receive and keep your parcel waiting for you.

Hence, there is no longer need rushing out of that important engagement home just for the reason you are expecting a parcel.

  1. Your parcels will be at your residence waiting for you no matter how many days or months or you stay away from your residence.
  2. Amazon hub improves your residence lifestyle through giving you 24/7 package pickup service.

This entails that right in your residence you can walk up to the hub any time of the day to pick up your item.

Besides that, it decongests and frees up space in your lobby and storeroom.

  1. The hub provides a secure location for your items.

One of the major issues faced by parcels delivery service companies is the fact that there are often challenges of parcels theft and tampering.

But with Amazon Hub, you have peace of mind as it keeps your item safe for you.

  1. The hub accepts packages from anyone.

While Amazon locker accepts packages only from Amazon, the hub receives and accepts items from all persons or organizations.

Therefore, you do not need to worry whether the Hub will accept parcels from the likes of DHLFedEx, UPS, or any other individual sending your parcels.  Because definitely, it will accept parcels from them all.

Four simple Steps in Sending and Receiving Parcel through the Amazon hub

So what is the process of sending and receiving the item via the hub?

The procedure is quite simple.

If you follow the steps below, you will find it hassle-free.


Ship Package to your home or residence


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You will receive an SMS alert or email containing your pickup code when the carrier delivers your parcel to the destination which is your home.

The pickup code is a 6-digit pin that will authenticate you when you get to the hub to collect your item.


At the Hub, enter the 6-digits pin. Lest I forget, the pin is a one-time code which can’t be used more than ones.


Ones the system authenticates the code in step 3 above, a door will pop open for you to pick up your item. Voalaaa!.  As simple as ABC I guess?.

You do not need Amazon staff to attend to you in this case. Just the machine itself automates the entire process. That is technology going places you may say.

How to get Amazon Hub in your residence

The next thing on someone’s mind now is how do I get this very important facility in my home to enjoy the advantages?

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If you need the hub in your residence  again is simple

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To get this hub to your domain require some specifications and those requirements come along with the form to be completed online and submitted to Amazon.

It is important to note that the fact that you submit the form is not a guaranty that you will have the Hub installed in your location.

This is because Amazon team will have to review your application to see if the information you give matches with the lay criteria by the organization.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t discourage you from applying and staying positive that your application will be granted.

Interested in Getting a Hub for Your Home?

amazon hub

Generally speaking, Amazon has been bringing out lots of innovations thereby changing the way we live lives in the past couple of years. They have quite a number of trending and high-selling products in their sales online shop.

Feel free to check them out on Amazon website.

5 Superb Advantages of the Amazon Hub You Cant Resist it read more

DANGER! Whatsapp Flaw Exposes Group Chat  to Potential Attackers Spying  on it

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Whatsapp Flaw

Whatsapp Flaw

Whatsapp is a powerful communication application with over a billion users across more than 180 countries worldwide.

Whatsapp messenger enables people to keep in touch with friends and families.

It allows people to chat and make video/internet calls across networks.

One other very powerful feature that makes Whatsapp a unique communication application is the fact that when you use a particular phone number to set up the application on your phone initially, you can insert another SIM card with a different number to continue using the application in case you do not have immediate access to the original number used.


See Technology Trends That Will Shape the World In 2018

And you can use it anywhere you travel to as it is not location- dependent.

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However, in one of our recent articles, we did mention that there will be shockers this year with regards to developments in technology operations and processes.

We found out that a Whatsapp flaw makes it pretty easy for potential attackers to spy on Whatsapp chat groups.

Do you imagine how risky this can be?

Okay, if do not see the danger yet then wait a second let me explain.

Do you know that some families create family Whatsapp groups to chat and maintain some level of family privacy within them?

In these groups, some sensitive information is shared.

Assuming through this Whatsapp flaw, such information is stolen by potential attackers or hackers and made public, what do you think happens to the said family?

Also, top company officials of different establishments take advantage of Whatsapp group chat feature to collaborate and share very important and sometimes private information among themselves.

And should this info be leaked in any way, don’t you think this will spell danger?

Okay now that you have an idea, read on…..

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5 Easy Steps to Create Whatsapp Group

Typically, no one should have the ability to add someone to a chat group outside the admin who created the group.

By right, end-to-end encryption is to be implemented to ensure nobody is able to have access to the chat messages between the group members.

Not even at the server end should anyone be able to read or view such messages in plaintext.

This is to ensure that information is kept within the limit of the group members alone.

But researchers from the German-based Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) indicates anyone who controls Whatsapp/Signal servers is capable of adding new members to any private group keeping them there to spy up the group’s conversation without authorization of the administrator.

Besides, the administrator will not even be aware of this that his/her group’s privacy has been compromised.

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Although, Whatsapp came out to deny the  Whatsapp flaw claim saying communications on the network are well secure and that the messages are encrypted end to end especially on communication between user to user.

The truth remains that no matter the mechanism in place, system end-to-end encryption is paramount so there will be guaranteed protection of privacy as people use the chat service to communicate.

Of course, communication technology will continue to grow especially in this year 2018, stakeholders in the industry must note that while they strive to grow the solutions and investments, the privacy and safety of users is absolutely key.

And users, on the other hand, must also research about any system they engage with for their own safety and privacy.



See Technology Trends That Will Shape the World In 2020

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Technology Trends

Technology trends keep evolving year in year out.

As they continue to roll out, humans needs keep been addressed easily and smartly.

With systems like Amazon Alexa more enhance in 2017, most technology companies are poised to come out with more surprising solutions in 2018.

Just in case you are hearing of Amazon Alexa for the first time, it is an intelligent personal assistant which is capable of a lot of things by itself.

It does some of the following things and more:

  • Voice interaction
  • Generating To-Do list
  • Music Playback
  • Streams podcasts
  • Setting alarms,
  • Playing audiobooks,
  • Providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information and reports.
  • Alexa is also known to be able to control other smart devices within the home
  • read more