How to find places with free wifi in your location (Unbelievably easy)

places with free wifi

Who doesn’t like browsing the internet for free? This article brings you a simple way to find places with free wifi in wherever you find yourself.

Please note that this is not a hacking tool but a very legitimate solution all for you want to access over 100 million free wifi hotspots.

Do you have a need to access the internet within the shortest possible time yet you have no enough money to cater for it? read more

5 Shocking Facts about Windows 10 Update Assistant You Must Know

Windows 10 Update Assistant

Windows 10 update assistant is a tool developed by Microsoft to help

Windows 10 users manage their operating system updates and upgrade activities.

With this tool, users can set the timing for their windows updates and let them initiate scheduled updating automatically.

Of course, we all should be aware of the very critical importance of software updates.

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To avoid issues like vulnerability and so on, it is quite necessary that we update our software regularly.

Windows 10 Update Assistant is also very helpful in terms of version upgrade efforts as it makes upgrading simple and hassle-free.

In view of some of these reasons, IT personnel will always like to take advantage of Windows 10 Update Assistant facility to carry out updates management across multiple organizations’ computers at the same time.

As we read on, we will see certain facts about this tool and will know whether it possesses such capability or not.

Besides, we will see some of the basic facts that will help us to make a more informed decision about whether or not to install Windows 10 update Assistant on our machines.

Of course, a good number of Windows users are commonly known to be running outdated versions.

Some may not even be aware they need to update their operating systems periodically.

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Microsoft Corporation, the developer and owners of Windows Operating system has always been keen on trying to make users have great user experience using their products especially windows 10.

Recall that every version of windows is always a product of an older version with some upgrades and new features.

As Microsoft keeps improving on her products globally, the need to keep them fresh and secure for users is key.

Updates are actually software development industry standard.

That is to say as a software developer, you have the responsibility of making available updates to improve, secure and repair any glitches, bumps and some enhancements for your clients’ software.

So as a user you are to take advantage of such updates and even possible upgrades that come handy.

Windows 10 update assistant is quite helpful to me because I use windows 10 (1903 version) due to the upgrade I did use the facility recently.

In case you do not know how to check the version of windows you are using, do the following:
1. On your desktop search bar,
2. Type this command winver and press enter
3. A small page will appear showing the windows version you are using.
4. To close, click Okay

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Shocking Facts About Windows 10 Update Assistant That You Must Know

1. Windows 10 Update Assistant is a free tool Many people have this notion that Microsoft always sells all their products.
On the contrary, this tool is all free just to help you have great user experience with Windows 10.

Again it can only the run on a single computer at a time.
Also, the fact that it can only be run on one computer at a time makes it impossible for IT personnel to run it in multiple computers at the same time, at least for now.

2.Disconnect External Devices

When Installing Windows 10 Update Assistant, you must as necessary precaution disconnect all system peripherals e.g. USB Flash drives, Printers and other external storage devices to avoid installation issues.

3. Take Backups

During the installation of Windows 10 Update Assistant, you are strongly advised to take backups of your system information just in case something goes wrong.

4. Delay Update/Upgrade a bit

It is strongly also advised that you do not rush to upgrade your windows immediately any time Microsoft releases a new version.

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I suggest you give it a period like one or two months, ones you are sure your windows is not yet in very bad shape.

This is to ensure no possible issues with the update yet before you upgrade.

5. Windows Restore Point.
One of the very important facts about installing Windows 10 Update assistant is the fact that anything could just go wrong during installation.

Apart from taking backups and disconnecting external devices as indicated above, you must set windows to restore point before you start the installation.

Windows restore point will help you to reverse immediately to your windows the way it was before you commenced the installation should there be an issue with the update.

Where to get Windows 10 update assistant
Click HERE to download and install.
Installing it is quite easy and does not require you to be techy.

Installation on average should take between 25 to 35 minutes depending on the speed of your internet and capacity of your computer.

We do hope this article was of help.

If you have further inputs and contrary view, please drop us a comment below and we will appreciate that.

Comparison of iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 (Differences that matter in 2020)

iphone 7 vs iphone 8

Hello, I am here to help you with all the information you need to know concerning iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8.

We have received so many requests from some of you asking that we do an article to guide you in making your choice between the two iphone versions.

First, it is important to note that these two phones have one full year release gap in-between them.

While iphone 7 was released in Sept. 2016, iphone 8 was released exactly one after. read more

7 Horrible mistakes you make when securing a database

securing a database

As attackers still concentrate on attack methods like service denial and vandalism, cybercriminals aim at unauthorized access of databases.

This article brings you 7 horrible blunders that most database experts and developers make when securing a database which is way dangerous to the database.
Database security is quite a broad concept that could never be covered in a single article.

However, knowing the unhealthy habits of running database security which is capable of endangering the database helps one to avoid such mistakes to guaranty safer and more secure database.

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Avoid The Following Mistakes in Securing a Database

1. Keeping Both Database and Web Server on the same server

Most IT teams of organizations see nothing wrong installing both the database and the web server in the same machine.

But I see everything wrong with this style while securing a database.

This is because, although putting both on the same server makes it easy for management and in terms of saving cost too, this mistake makes access to the database more effortless and easy.

Securing a database requires conscious effort to engage in the right habits and putting both web server and the database in the same server is not among the best habits in this regards.

2. Running Database Files Without Encryptions
According to Wikipedia,” Database encryption can generally be defined as a process that uses an algorithm to transform data stored in a database into “cipher text” that is incomprehensible without first being decrypted”

Hence the purpose of encrypting a database is basically to ensure that the data stored in it is protected from being accessed by an individual with potential malicious intentions.
Therefore, in securing a database one has to encrypt it adequately.

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3. Using a Shared Web server
Despite how sensitive the data in a database are, some people still do not see the need to host such a database in a dedicated server.

This I must say is one of the worst decisions in securing a database.

You may also need to speak with your host on what your security policies are and what their own security responsibilities should be with reference to your hosting account.

Sure it is always cheaper hosting on a shared server, but as I said earlier in this paragraph if your database holds sensitive information, it is better you use a dedicated server.

4. Not Turning On Security Controls on the Database
Of course, most databases have security control turned on automatically these days.

But then due to how critical the issue of securing a database is, it doesn’t hurt taking pains to enable security control in your database in a few minutes.

5. Allowing too many third Party Applications
It is not the right approach to allow too many third-party applications on the site or platform.

Especially those apps that pull directly from the database constitutes a potential threat to the security of the database.

Hence as a smart way of securing a database, we advise limiting the number of third-party software.

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6. Not Encrypting Backup Files.
Unfortunately, many people care less about database backups taken and stored somewhere.

But research shows that not all data thefts are carried out by outside attacks.

As sometimes, it is someone around you that you even trust that can commit such a crime.

Encrypting your database backup is a good way to protect that confidential data in the system.

7. Non- regular Patches Update
Running the system without current patches helps to expose the database to easy access and compromise.

I find so many administrators guilty on this. Instead of clicking on Remind Me Later button, why not have a little patience and click that Update Now tab.

This will sure save your work and maybe even your job.
I do hope this article helped to provide you with the necessary guide in securing a database.

In case we miss out on anyone kindly drop us a comment, or if there is any area you will like us to write on, kindly leave a comment below.

How to Add Your Website and Blog to Opera News Feed

opera news

You may want to ask why should I add my site/blog to opera news feed?

Simple! Nowadays that getting genuine website traffic has become like climbing mount Everest, you need opera news feed.

Many online users are mindful of visiting websites they will not find value in.

Aside from that many sites with great content and value hardly find their way into where users can easily see them like on first 10 Google search page. read more

10 Super Easy Ways to make your computer faster Win 7, 8, 10, etc

Easy Ways to make your computer faster
How to Speed Up Your Computer

This article is created to give you 10 easy ways to make your computer faster and you do not need to be highly techy to achieve that. .

You see, it can happen to just any one.

You buy a brand new computer and put to use with good speed but after a few years it begins to be clumsy in loading, sluggish while starting even the lightest of the applications. read more

15 Amazing Phone Codes to Activate Shocking Mobile Phone Functions

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Amazing Phone Codes

These days everyone has a cell phone in his pocket.

However, just a few people know about the hidden opportunities available by pressing certain key combinations.

There are a handful of these amazing phone codes to reveal super exciting phone functions you never knew and to allow you enjoy them.

Some of them work with all phones, while some with only certain models or brands.

But all of them allow you to try out some cool and useful features.

In this article we have assembled 15 of the most interesting combinations that will give you access to the hidden functions of your mobile phone.

Did you know you can forcefully reveal the identity of someone who is hiding his/her number to call you?

Read on and learn all these amazing phone functions to help you make the very best use of your mobile phone.


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This simple code *#06# is available for both iPhone and Android users.

By pressing it, you can see your International Mobile Identity Number (IMEI).

This number is a unique identifier of your mobile phone. No two phones have the same IMEI number.

There are a couple of things IMEI can be relevant to you for.

For instance, you can use it to block your mobile phone from your service provider if it becomes necessary in the case of theft of your device.

You could go ahead to determine if your mobile phone is fake or original from the result of activating this code.

If you ask me, I will say this code is one of the most useful amazing phone codes  you can have in smartphones.

Please always make sure you know this your phone IMEI number because you never can tell when you will need it.


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The code *#30# will help you to turn on or off your number identification during calls.

So if you want to go incognito making calls for some time, this is the way to go.

It works the other way rounds also. You could press *#30#, you could find out the number of the person who is calling you. (works only on iPhone for now).



The combination *#*#4636#*#* has various purposes depending on your device.

If you have an android device, use this code to see your wifi signal strength, battery status and CPU use statistics along with other information.



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This code for now works only on iPhones. It is one of those amazing phone codes I personally love using.

The essence of this code is to disable any outgoing calls thereby making it impossible to make calls using the phone.

You know most times friends or close family members hop on your device making calls without your permission just because they  find out you have a lot of airtime which they see as idle.

With this code, you can easily lock outgoing calls and all they will just see is that calls fail to go, they may just think it  is poor network signal.

So if you want to try it just to dial the code and enjoy.

Don’t forget that you can turn off this function by simply typing *33*PIN#


With this amazing phone codes, it is good news all the way for android lovers as you could instantly return your phone to factory state.

After using *#*#7780#*#* your phone will remove Google account settings  as well as application data.

Please note that this action is irreversible, hence you must not be in a hurry to use the code and ensure you backup your data first.



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If you want to go a little further and reset everything on your phone back to the way it was when you bought it, then this amazing phone codes is what you need.

Using this code will remove all your phone’s settings and also reinstall your phone firmware.

So again think twice before doing it because ones you activate this combination, there is no going back.

And also note that code for now works only on android devices.



This amazing phone codes turns on EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) helps your device communication to be more clearer, faster and cleaner.

But note that this feature drains your device battery quicker.

Again this code works only on iPhone.

You can deactivate this feature by pressing this code *3370#.

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    How to Tell If Your Smartphone Is Fake Or Original


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    smartphone is fake

    Do you want to know whether your smartphone  is fake or original?

    You know, it is amazing to discover that  many people carry mobile phones around without knowing whether or not they are original or fake.

    Before I continue, let’s talk about disadvantages of using a fake Smartphone.

    1. Poor user experience.

    One of the reasons we all need original phone is great efficiency which brings about sweet user experience.

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    If you purchase  a fake smartphone for use, I assure you  from the beginning it may look like its is cool, but it is just a matter of time, you will  soon start getting frustrated by its inefficiency.

    Some of the  functions will not work or  perform properly.

    1. You would have wasted your hard earned money on the phone that does not give the best of service.
    2. Fake phones are not safe. They are vulnerable to a lot of attacks like malwares, virus, hackers etc.
    3. After some time the phone will become very slow in performance
    4. Their batteries do not last and with time they start getting hot and drain battery life
    5. Fake phones can explode any time and may cause harm to user.


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    Having taken a look at a few of the demerits of buying and using fake smartphone, let us now see how to detect if our smartphone is fake or original.

    And in this article we will discuss based on popular top smartphone  brands and later on others too.

    But note that some of these codes can work in other unpopular brands as well.

    There are certain codes that can be used to indicate whether a smartphone is fake or original

    Follow the procedure below:

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    1. Type *#06# and press send.

    The above code will display the IMEI number of your phone, indicating it is an original Nokia phone and can be used to confirm all other android phones.

    Note: And if after typing  the above code, the first two digits of the displayed number of the IMEI is not 35, then that smartphone is fake.

    1. Type *#0000# and press Send

    This code helps to show you the manufacturing date of your smartphone.

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    If that code is activated on a fake Nokia phone, it will not display such details.

    That will indicate the smartphone is fake and not original.

    1. Type *#92702689# and press Send

    This shows production and expiring date.

    Am sure someone will say “expiring date”?

    Yes, expiring date. Of course phones expire.

    They are designed to last for a certain number of years after which they start failing.

    Just like your various flat screen technology TVs.

    They do expire.

    So for those who often don’t mind purchasing used phones, you can guide yourself by checking out the expiring date of the phone You want to procure using the above code.

    All other brands including Android phones  like Samsung, , Infinix, Techno,  and none android like iphone etc, you can use the following codes for various tricks.

    IMEI – type and send *#06#

    Battery Status type and send  *9998*228#

    Confirm how original your phone is *#0228#

    And also remember *#06# will indicate if your smartphone is fake or original even in these versions and other brands of smartphones mentioned.

    How To Stop People From Tapping Your Private Calls

    Type ##61#

    How to Block All Incoming Calls

    Dial *35*0000# to Cancel Dial #35*0000# read more

    Google AdSense Approval: Here is the Magic That Saw Me Through so Easily


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    Google AdSense Approval

    Google AdSense approval in recent years has become almost impossible especially for certain countries like Nigeria and a host of others.

    Just think of Google AdSense as an advertising program by Google where publishers, website owners, YouTube creators etc. earn money by helping their visitors have access to some companies products and services.

    I have being trying to get this approval since two years back to no avail.

    I read a lot of articles online about the rules to achieve Google AdSense approval, along the line I kept on learning and trying out some of those things I read, yet no approval.

    Until through a very painstaking thorough research I discovered that Google algorithm and manual site review for approval  does not require very complicated rules to follow like what so-called SEO expert soften make us to believe.

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    I asked myself some pertinent questions  and after that I got exactly the trick in few steps to get my Google AdSense approved easily though by adhering to certain simple Google rules which am about to share quickly in this article.

    Accepted, Google is getting stricter with AdSense approval by the day, on this too I asked myself why?

    I now remembered how after failing to get Google AdSense approval a couple of years back, someone lured me into buying a fake one from him which Google banned a few hours later and my money was gone.

    As if that was not enough, about 7months later due to desperation I ran into another person who sold another one to me promising me that one was super original and there was guaranty for money back.

    I again wasted my hard earned income only to discover it was again fake without any refund.

    So this got me kind of pissed and I vowed never to get involved in procuring anything called Google AdSense unless Google handed it to me herself.

    Don’t let me bore you with my frustrating experience.

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    So now let me head straight to what I found out to be the simple secret on how to get Google AdSense approval with ease.

    First of all I will talk about what Google does not care about when you apply for AdSense.

    1. Domain name size

    All those early rules of saying the shorter your domain name the easier Google will consider you for Adsense approval and ranking by some SEO expert is no longer in vogue these days.

    Google cares less about the length of your URL, at least not these days. If not,  ask yourself should a blog like Linda Ikeji Blog yet ranks well on google search more than even sites with a two letter domain name.

    That is to tell you there is more to it than just the domain length.



  • Google does not care much about your font style, size and color. All Google wants in this case is a nice, readable and appealing design for your visitors.
  • Does not care whether you host with godaddy, Hostgator or any other host provided your site is secure and efficient. Besides just ensure you host your site with a credible and registered web hosting company
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    Convert Word to PDF Online: here is the fastest and easiest way to do that

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    convert word to pdf online

    To Convert word to PDF, many will agree with me is a common challenge with people working on documents using Microsoft office.

    Microsoft word is one of the office packages used most frequently  in preparing documents hence it is always an issue when people want to convert from it to PDF.

    May be we should try to find out why it is rampant for office users to want to convert word to pdf online.

    We will do that by looking at the features of the two programs and differentiate  between their functionalities.

    While many may know what word and pdf are, not a lot of people  will know what differences exist between them word and pdf document formats.

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    One important thing about these two software solutions is the fact that they possess different formats.

    Differences between Word and PDF

  • Word is the brainchild of Microsoft Corporation owned by Bill Gates.
  • PDF also known as Portable Document Format in full which you use Adobe Acrobat to prepare is wholly owned by Adobe Systems.
  • While Word documents end with the extension .DOC, Portable Document Portable Format ends with .pdf
  • If you want to edit word document you need to open the Word application to do that, but if you wish to edit PDF , Adobe Acrobat cannot edit the PDF file created.
  • PDF is open source meaning developers can make editing tools for it.
  • Microsoft word is proprietary.
  • PDF has the ability to compress file size and reduce the size reasonably
  • Word presents files in their original size.
  • PDF retains all properties of author’s design while moved between personal computers or devices.
  • Word lacks the ability to retain all properties of the documents when moved between devices.
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    Domain Name: Here are 7 Important Things You Must Consider before Paying for One

    domain name

    A domain name is a name that is used to represent a group of numbers called IP address.

    An IP address(internet protocol) is a unique set of numbers assigned to each computer on the internet.

    Domain names were created to make IP addresses more human-friendly.

    Just think of an IP address as a  street address. They identify where computers are located on the internet.

    In order not to make the internet protocols sound complicated or abstract when humans communicate with computers on the network using the internet, domain names were formed to help out in that regards. read more

    Nokia 6.1 (2018) Vs Nokia 6.0 (2017)-  6 Things to Know Before Buying

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    nokia 6.1 (2018)

    Nokia establishment in a bid to recapture the smartphone market has recently been involved in bringing out some powerful gadgets in the likes of Nokia 3310, 5, 6.0,6.1 etc.

    The fact is that Nokia as a brand still has a sizeable number of fans with some passion reserved in one corner of their hearts for the corporation’s products.

    For some, the ruggedness of the products which they used to enjoy with Nokia maybe what still endears them to the products or why the old love still exist.

    While others, it may be the battery life strength their products held as a  strong point in those days. read more

    5 Superb Advantages of the Amazon Hub You Cant Resist it

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    Amazon hub

    Amazon hub is a sophisticated solution developed to help you receive and store your parcels at your residence even when you are not around.

    This system was launched by Amazon corporation a few years back with the aim of helping families leave better lives.

    It is a fast and easy way to receive parcels from any sender, anywhere.

    In this article, talkinfotech will discuss  Amazon Hub in details  with regards to the  following :

    1. How it works
    2. The focus of Amazon Hub
    3. How it is different from Amazon locker
    4. Five superb advantages of Amazon hub and why it is a must-get facility
    5. Four simple Steps in Sending and Receiving Parcel through the Amazon hub
    6. How to get Amazon Hub in your residence

    Think of a situation where you are planning a wedding ceremony and you are expecting a parcel to be delivered to you meant for the event the next day, let’s say your bride’s wedding gown and rings.

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    And due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery company arrives your location very late and you are not around in your residence to receive the item, then the dispatch man tries to reach you on the phone, but your phone is plugged charging while you are attending to some other urgent issues relating to the ceremony.

    Then after much effort, the dispatch officer fails to get through and he eventually leaves with the parcel to their office.

    amazon hub

    Unfortunately, the parcel delivery organisation opens late on Saturday which happens to be your wedding day.

    The ceremony was fixed for 10 am while the delivery company resumes at 10 am as well.

    Already, it is very clear plans have been disrupted and may end up affecting the entire wedding arrangement.

    Someone may want to tell me, hey! With early and proper planning there won’t be such mess. But may I also tell you no matter how well planned at times things still could go wrong.

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    From this scenario, if you had Amazon hub in your home, all the dispatch man needed to do was to drop the parcel in your hub and go; anytime you are around, you just open and retrieve your item no matter the time of the day.

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    So look at Amazon hub as a friend that will be there for you when you are not available to receive, secure and safeguard your items delivered to your home for you.

    How Does Amazon Hub Work?

    So how does it work?

    It is quite simple and straightforward. Packages sent to your home will be delivered to the hub.

    Whenever you are ready to pick up your package, head to the hub and type in your pickup code and the hub door flings open on its own accord and you reach out to your item then pick it out.

    Grab your package and enjoy. You can pick up a package from any sender, any company or group of individuals no matter where it was sent from, no matter the time of the day, in the morning, in the afternoon or late in the night, at your convenience.

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    amazon hub

    The hub is always open and conveniently located within your residence to make picking of package jiffy and as snappy as possible.

    Meanwhile, structurally the hub has a cluster of boxes built finely and smoothly secured to an enclosed panel like a cupboard with a digital display screen which will allow you key in your pickup code.

    It is highly safe and easily accessible by you since it is around your residence.

    But how do you get the pickup code? It is simple, the code is generated and sent automatically to your mobile phone or email as soon as the delivery company arrives your home with the parcel.

    amazon hub

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    What Does The Hub Focus On?

    The system focuses on residential locations and not for public locations.

    Unlike a couple of other systems you find in malls, grocery stores etc, this solution is meant for private homes.

    And it is not all residences that Amazon can install this solution in. There have to be some criteria met to qualify for the hosting of the hub in the residence.

    How it is different from Amazon locker

    So it will easy to wonder if there is any difference between Amazon Hub and Amazon locker.

    Lockers are meant to be deployed in public locations like malls, grocery stores etc.

    While Hubs are meant purely for residential places.

    Amazon lockers receive parcels only from Amazon and not from other carriers.

    But Hub receives from all carriers including Amazon.

    And because hubs are located in private residences, they can be accessed any time of the day, while access to lockers depends on whether or not the location where they are kept is open.

    Five superb advantages of Amazon hub and why it is a must get

    Talking about the hub solution by Amazon, it has indeed brought convenience to lots and lots of people across the globe with regards to parcel delivery needs.

    This article will not make much meaning if you do not talk in specific terms about the advantages of this hub solution developed by Amazon.

    Therefore, without further delay, let’s proceed to see the advantages.

    1. Your parcel can be delivered to your home whether you or anyone else is in your home or not, the hub will help you receive and keep your parcel waiting for you.

    Hence, there is no longer need rushing out of that important engagement home just for the reason you are expecting a parcel.

    1. Your parcels will be at your residence waiting for you no matter how many days or months or you stay away from your residence.
    2. Amazon hub improves your residence lifestyle through giving you 24/7 package pickup service.

    This entails that right in your residence you can walk up to the hub any time of the day to pick up your item.

    Besides that, it decongests and frees up space in your lobby and storeroom.

    1. The hub provides a secure location for your items.

    One of the major issues faced by parcels delivery service companies is the fact that there are often challenges of parcels theft and tampering.

    But with Amazon Hub, you have peace of mind as it keeps your item safe for you.

    1. The hub accepts packages from anyone.

    While Amazon locker accepts packages only from Amazon, the hub receives and accepts items from all persons or organizations.

    Therefore, you do not need to worry whether the Hub will accept parcels from the likes of DHLFedEx, UPS, or any other individual sending your parcels.  Because definitely, it will accept parcels from them all.

    Four simple Steps in Sending and Receiving Parcel through the Amazon hub

    So what is the process of sending and receiving the item via the hub?

    The procedure is quite simple.

    If you follow the steps below, you will find it hassle-free.


    Ship Package to your home or residence


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    You will receive an SMS alert or email containing your pickup code when the carrier delivers your parcel to the destination which is your home.

    The pickup code is a 6-digit pin that will authenticate you when you get to the hub to collect your item.


    At the Hub, enter the 6-digits pin. Lest I forget, the pin is a one-time code which can’t be used more than ones.


    Ones the system authenticates the code in step 3 above, a door will pop open for you to pick up your item. Voalaaa!.  As simple as ABC I guess?.

    You do not need Amazon staff to attend to you in this case. Just the machine itself automates the entire process. That is technology going places you may say.

    How to get Amazon Hub in your residence

    The next thing on someone’s mind now is how do I get this very important facility in my home to enjoy the advantages?

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    About Amazon Locker Pickup Point

    If you need the hub in your residence  again is simple

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    To get this hub to your domain require some specifications and those requirements come along with the form to be completed online and submitted to Amazon.

    It is important to note that the fact that you submit the form is not a guaranty that you will have the Hub installed in your location.

    This is because Amazon team will have to review your application to see if the information you give matches with the lay criteria by the organization.

    Nevertheless, that shouldn’t discourage you from applying and staying positive that your application will be granted.

    Interested in Getting a Hub for Your Home?

    amazon hub

    Generally speaking, Amazon has been bringing out lots of innovations thereby changing the way we live lives in the past couple of years. They have quite a number of trending and high-selling products in their sales online shop.

    Feel free to check them out on Amazon website.

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