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How to Delete A Snapchat Account Permanently In Few Simple Steps.

how to delete a snapchat image

Have you being pondering on how to delete a snapchat account you no longer want?

Snapchat is still a great photo and video sharing social media application that lets users enjoy image and video sharing experience among their friends and family members.

So for whatever reason you feel for now or more permanently, you want to delete your snapchat account, this article should be of great help.

But Before You Follow the Steps on How to Delete a Snapchat Account note the Following read more

How to Delete A YouTube Video, The Quickest Way With Photos

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Do you want to know how to delete a YouTube video you no longer want on your channel?

Or let’s say you no longer feel like keeping the video because it is outdated or it violets YouTube’s policies.

So you want it out of your YouTube channel right?.

This article will walk you through the very few steps including photos on how to delete a YouTube video with no step skipped.

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How to Delete a Page on Facebook in Few Easy Steps with photos

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What could be some of the reasons that may compel you to start thinking of  how to delete  a page on Facebook?

Well, most times the following reasons may influence someone to delete his/her Facebook page.

1. Maybe the person is too busy to find time to manage the page

2. The page does not yield useful result as expected.

3. Page members are becoming unwholesome in their interactions

4. The page is no longer relevant due to business changes. read more

How to Delete a Post on Instagram in 3 Simple and Easy Steps

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So many users find it hard to know how to delete a post on instagram.

But this is one of the easiest things to do while on your Instagram account.

Instagram is a powerful and very popular social media platform with over 114 million active users

So, have you ever posted a picture, a video or even a post and a moment later you felt like you wanted to delete it?

And on many occasions, we change our minds to delete whatever we have posted so that friends and followers will no longer see them. read more

How to Remove Background Noise During Video And Audio Recording

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Do you still grapple with background noise when making video and audio recordings?

This is a huge challenge in most of our homes, public locations, and even some private environments too.

Our environments are often filled with background noise everywhere most of the times

And due to human efforts to survive most of our activities produce noise.

Despite the sharpness of a video or audio file, if there is a noise at the background, the video or audio file is rendered unprofessional. read more

Web Archive: What is it and How Crucial is it to you and your business?

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In this article about web archive, we will explain everything about

  1. what web archive is,
  2. the very crucial things you need to know about web archiving
  3. how beneficial it is to you and your business.

A web archive is a place where websites and their information they contain collected from the world wild web are stored for safekeeping and for future use.

Hence, the process of collecting the websites and the information they contain to store in the archive is referred to as web archiving.

So just like traditional archiving where papers or documents are archived, web archiving selects, stores, preserves and makes available to the people web information read more

Search Engine Marketing: Do This for Your Business and Thank Me Later

search engine marketing

This article will show you very important things you need to know while implementing search engine marketing (SEM) for your business’s for optimum results

Also, we will cover how SEM works, explain how it can be so effective to your business as well as why businesses compete to show ads.

Search engine marketing is part of paid search advertising meant to connect your products and services with the right potential customers. read more

What is Web Application and what are Real-Life Examples of it?

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Have you ever wondered what a web application is? I am pretty sure; you must have used one or two recently without being aware.

In this article, we will explain to you what a web application is, the differences between it and a website and list at least 12 real life examples of web applications.

What is a web application?

A web application is a software that is accessible through web browsers.

The frontend of a web application is always created with programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc. read more

How to Create an Apple ID in 2020 Without Apple Device or Credit card

Do you want to create an Apple ID but do not have apple device or even credit card?

In this article, we will show you how to create an Apple ID using the web without worrying yourself about getting a credit card or an Apple device.

We are going to do that through the web browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari or even via android  app, name them.

How to submit your website to MSN News in few easy Steps in 2021

This is MSN NEWS Image

 If you own a website or blog by now you should be familiar with the need to submit your website to MSN News.

This need emanate from the fact that every website requires site traffic to be successful online.

Because the more the number of visitors to your online facility (website) the higher the chance of you selling your product to any of the customers that visit.

Take for instance you set up a restaurant, and in a whole day just one person branches there to eat, you should know if you continue that way, the business may likely not survive. read more