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5G vs 4G: Unbelievable Differences Between 5G and 4G

5G vs 4G

One of the most discussed and perhaps anticipated technology topic today is 5G technology.

But many seem to forget easily that 5G is just an upgrade of 4G network capacity.

To be able to understand 5G, you must understand the various characteristics between 5G vs 4G networks.

To start, it is important we run brief historical analyses of how the G technology came to be.

First what is that G all about?

G represents the various  Generations of wireless  technologies. All generations from 1G to 5G are all based on wireless technology with various capacities and speeds. read more

5G Tower: How worried should you be about your health?

5G tower

5G is next generation technology from mobile networks.

It is an evolution of 3G and 4G that promises lightning-fast speed, low latency, and increased network connectivity.

5G tower is the base station that houses the 5G network equipment that connects and share signals with mobile devices.

There are worries about the potential health hazards from the 5G tower.

In this article, we have done some very deep research to find out whether or not 5G tower is harmful to human health. read more