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About Us

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Hello, welcome to Talk Information Technology blog known as

I am an experienced IT blogger with almost 20 years of practical hands-on work experience in different areas of information technology such as in IT security, database, Server administration, application development and deployment, web design and development, Digital Marketing, IT training, Desktop publishing, and user support as well as all latest trends in IT.

I have the passion to solve technology problems write on technology products and services. I use this technology news blog to educate people and help them solve IT-related issues. i.e TalkInfoTech.

Giving knowledge is one of the very things I love doing, This news blog has a global outreach as we have visitors from USA, UK, Asia, Africa, and other continents.

Any questions or inquiries can reach us via

Email: or or through our contact page.

We appreciate you, keep on visiting.


Ashunande Andor