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Hello , welcome to Talk Information Technology blog  known as  TalkInfoTech.com.

We are a team of experienced IT professionals   coming together  with over 20 years of practical hands-on work experience in different areas of information technology such as in IT security, database, Server administration, application development and deployment, web design and development, training ,desktop publishing and user support.

Aside the various higher degrees acquired in the field of computing, we have also been trained professionally in some of the units mentioned  and are willing to unleash our expertise knowledge here  for free with the aim of helping mankind achieve their desired results as they engage in information technology usage.

That smile on your   face which comes through satisfaction as a result of the correct application of the IT knowledge to solve your business or personal real life problems  is what motivated me to start this project called TalkInfoTech.

We are here to help you with the required information to live a hitch-free IT life. We will be doing that by sharing rich articles on this blog for free as well as responding to your questions or enquiry  to the best of our abilities. We will also try our best to guide people on choices of solutions they wish to consider  or buy in to.

The Founder

My name is Andor Santus.

Talkinfotech.com is my brain child.

I read IT upto masters degree.

Having spent many years in IT industry at different capacities  and also rose up to top mamange cadre, i felt it neccessary to pass the wealth of knowldge across to others to help them solve IT problems.

Giving knowledge is one of the very things i love doing, hence i formed this platform to share freely IT experiences and skill to help the world.

Any  question or enquiry  can reach us via info@talkinfotech.com or through our contact page.

We appreciate you, keep on visiting.


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