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Comparison of iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 (Differences that matter in 2021)

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Hello, I am here to help you with all the information you need to know concerning iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8.

We have received so many requests from some of you asking that we do an article to guide you in making your choice between the two iPhone versions.

First, it is important to note that these two phones have one full year release gap in-between them.

While iphone 7 was released in Sept. 2016, iphone 8 was released exactly one after.

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One may ask why reviewing iphone 7 vs iphone 8  that are already about two to three years older.

Well the fact is that, if you check out the rate at which these two iphone versions are still on sell even in 2019, you will realize they are one of the hottest iphone products for many reasons.

Some of you asked us questions like

“Which one is better or which among them should I buy?”

And as a matter of fact, we will in this article do a deep dive into all details and provide you with reliable information to help you make a smarter choice.

So if you are ready, then am also set. Let’s go…..

Phone Features In Review

  • Design

As far as design is concerned, the two are quite identical with minute differences.

In terms of physical size, iphone 7 has 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm and 138grams.

While iphone 8 has a dimension of 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm  with 148 grams of weight

Iphone 7 is constructed all around with aluminum materials while iphone 8 is built with glass material on the front and the rear.

Perhaps this explains why iphone 8 is slightly weightier than iphone 7 due to the glass material.

The weight is indeed a factor for many to determine which to buy talking of iphone 7 vs iphone 8.

It is a function of choice here.

Because some people may prefer sweet looking aluminum cover while others will like to go for glass design cover.

More Functions to Consider

  • Speakers

Both phones have dual speaker provision.

However, the iphone 8 speakers are 25% louder than iphone 7.

So for those who take speaker output as a major factor, you may consider iphone 8  when looking at iphone 7 vs iphone 8 music or voice output.
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Both iphones come with IP67 grade water resistance which makes them fully protected from sand, dust, water splashes and rain showers.

Very importantly too is the fact that iphone 8 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.2 as found in iphone 7.

Bluetooth 5.0 helps iphone 8 to deliver better Bluetooth performance.


  • Processor

When considering iphone 7 vs iphone 8 with regards to phone configuration which goes a long way to determine its speed and efficiency, the following details can be placed in focus.

Iphone 7 configuration

Processor Type 

A10 Fussion Processor





Storage Capacity

32Gb or 128GB

Iphone 8 configuration


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Processor Type 

All Bionic  Processor





Storage Capacity

64Gb or 256GB

So looking at the above configuration differences between iphone 7 and 8, iphone 8 surely has a considerable improvement in terms of processing speed and power.

Even Apple confirm that there is 30% increase in graphics performance as well.

  • Display

Both of them have similar display capacities.

However, iphone 8 has extra feature called True Tone which is enabled via software and helps to present slightly better view.

True tone feature I guess shouldn’t be a killer feature when putting into consideration iphone 7 vs iphone 8 comparison.

  • Software

Both iphone 7 and 8 run on the same operating system which is IOS 11.

IOS 11 runs smoothly and with exceptional stability on both phones

  • Camera

When comparing iPhone 7 and iphone 8, to many, camera quality is a huge factor.

This is because people have become their own photographers these tech days.

They wish to have the best picture and video quality.

So, let’s ride on.

Front-facing camera are same with 7 Mega pixels

The rear cameras have same 12MP with an average of f/1.8

Ipone 8 yet has a slightly better camera performance.

  • Battery Life

       Iphone 7 has 1821mAH while  iphone 8 has 1960mAH battery capacity.

Hence, iphone 8 has extra 30 minutes to 1hour battery life extension.

Perhaps one great feature in iphone 8 again is the fact that it has a technological feature that allows it to charge wirelessly, while iphone 7 has not.

  • Price

Iphone 7 cost $549   for 32Gb Storage capacity

       Iphone 8cost $699 for 64GB storage

Summary iphone 7 vs iphone 8

iPhone 7 actually has no much difference with 8 except those mentioned above which may form your criteria.

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But the differences are quite minimal.

Although such differences kind of make iphone 8 more powerful and efficient. But then it is a matter of your choice.

If I am to choose between iphone 7 and iphone 8 though, I will go for the latter.

Thank you.

And do you leave us a comment in case you have any queries or inputs.

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