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Android Device Manager: How to Find a Lost Or Stolen Android Phone

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What is android device manager and how do you use it to remotely control and even find, lock and erase your lost phone?

All these, we will teach you in this article which is written based on popular demand by our fans and followers.

What is an Android Device Manager?

Android is a mobile operating system designed by Google Corporation to power and drive smart phones.

Android device manager is an android operating system based application that that allows you to view and control the hardware within which the android is run.

This means that with the android device manager you can track your mobile phone, locate where it is physically, erase its memory and even lock the phone remotely.

So lets look into more details what we can achieve with android device manager

Finding Your Device

So if you lost your phone or it is stolen, with the help of your android device manager, you can track and find the exact location of your android phone.

But note that before tracking can be possible, you must first install and activate device manager software.

Lock or Erase or Ring the Device

So in the event that you lost your phone or it is stolen, you can with your android device manager either lock the phone permanently, erase the content of the phone or make it ring uncontrollably for a period of about 5 minutes

Also, having access to the phone through the device manager can also help the phone owner to change password to the phone.

Helping a Friend to Track his lost phone

You can use the Guest account option of the device manager to login to track your friends lost phone.

How to Use Android Device Manager

The Device Manager is an essential security facility that aids in locating a stolen or lost device.

When the device is confirmed to be unrecoverable, the owner might choose to remotely lock or wipe the content from the Android device.

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In order to enjoy this security feature, the device owner is required to connect the device to his Google account.

Installing Android Device Manager

It is pretty simple to install android device manager.

Just visit Google play store to download  and install the application then activate it.

After that do not forget to go to the settings and grant the app the permission as administrator of your android device.

Also remember that to login to device manager you need a google or gmail account.

How to make use of your android device manager to control your device

To make use of the manager follow the steps below

*Start by linking your device manager to your Google account.

*Ensure you turn on the location feature on your device

*Activate remote date wipe

* Login to your device manager or website or to the application on another device using your Google account to be able to locate and control your lost or stolen device.

*Ones you login, a popup on the dashboard will indicate the location of your device with more other options.

*Use the map that comes up on the dashboard to see the location of your device.

*You can use Play sound option to ring your device constantly for 5 straight minutes.

*Use the Lock option to lock the device

*Press the Erase option to clear permanently the content of your device e.g Photos, Videos, message, contacts etc.

Even if the device is offline as at the time your erased the data, as soon as it come online, the erase action will take effect.

Also note that ones the device information is erased, even you the owner may no longer have access to it.

We do hope this article was helpful.

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