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How to Delete A YouTube Video, The Quickest Way With Photos

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Do you want to know how to delete a YouTube video you no longer want on your channel?

Or let’s say you no longer feel like keeping the video because it is outdated or it violets YouTube’s policies.

So you want it out of your YouTube channel right?.

This article will walk you through the very few steps including photos on how to delete a YouTube video with no step skipped.

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But before you proceed to delete your video, you must note the following

  1. If you delete your video, your channel views will automatically decrease
  2. After the video has been deleted, you can no longer have it back
  3. The data you got from the video activities online will no longer be accessible as well.
  4. You must have full access and login to your YouTube account to have the permission to delete the video.

How To Delete A YouTube Video In Few Steps

Login to your YouTube account

Then click on your profile picture (see picture image)

And click on YouTube Studio under your profile drop down list (see photo)

At the lower-left corner, click on Videos (find below figure)

So, hover your mouse over the very video you wish to delete and click on the 3 dots

From the fly out  menu, select Delete Forever (see image below)

Then a popup dialogue box will display asking you to confirm your action to delete the video.

Again, you click the check box beside which is indicated” I understand that deleting is permanent and can’t be undone’

Finally, click on Delete Forever( see image )

How to delete a YouTube video is not as tricky as it is simple and straight forward which is evident in the above steps.

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