UA-208572229-1 See the 6 Keyways Private Cloud Technology can boost your business.

See the 6 Keyways Private Cloud Technology can boost your business.

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Private Cloud Technology

What is cloud technology or cloud computing?

Just in case you do not know what cloud technology or computing means or if it still sounds like one strange departmental jargon to you, it is simply a way of enjoying information technology resources or services via the internet.

For example, your servers, network, applications, storage, database, etc being offered to you across the internet (cloud).

There are three different cloud technology deployment models which include Private Cloud Technology, Public Cloud Technology, and Hybrid.

Private cloud technology type deals with setting up a cloud location within a given business environment.

E.g. you own a business and want cloud services and decide to set it up within your business premises strictly for your business, no sharing of such hosting services with any other individual or organization.

You could also be right to say a private cloud technology is created and managed by an entity enterprise.

While on the other hand, public cloud technology involves sharing hosting resource with two or more people or organisations.

The hybrid cloud is a situation where a private cloud is connected to a public cloud to activate work processes or operation across the two environments.

But our interest at this moment is on private cloud option, in our subsequent write-ups we will discuss more on other models.

Unfortunately, many businesses are yet to appreciate the advantages of private cloud technology to their investments.

Or some still think cloud computing generally is mainly for the blue-chip companies such as HP, Microsoft, Amazon,  Google, DHL, Apple and the likes.

But it will interest you to know that all businesses enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in the same way, be it small or big company.

Below are the 6 key benefits of private cloud technology that will dramatically improve your business output and income.

Many organisations who have realized the importance have turned to cloud computing without delay.

  1. COST

Generally, cutting cost is quite important for any establishment that aims to grow and increase productivity.

The cost of procuring servers, hardware, network equipment, power supply and backups for the company premises to set up data centers is critically reduced with the use of private cloud technology.

As well, it reduces carbon footprint within the organisation


Because the private cloud is enjoyed by just an individual establishment, such organinsation has the control of configuring the inline functionality to serve it in the best way it wishes.


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While public cloud possesses a certain level of security, private cloud is the most secured model as there is no multiple access to the center hence chances of unauthorized access is quite slim.

  1. SPEED

Speed is often key when it comes to technology services.

Because the private cloud is not shared by multiple users at the same time, there are available resources to service the only establishment billed to enjoy the service.


Cloud bursting entails n application deployment style whereby an application running in a private cloud technology or data centers blows into the public cloud when the demand for it increases beyond the capacity of the private cloud.

Therefore, some vendors offer this as part of their plans to users. This is quite helpful in organisattions with irregular demands that could spike up any moment.


With virtualization option, private cloud technology is super reliable as it allows the systems to harness the resources from points that are less in demand to make the system more reliable.

With this information, we believe you must have been better informed on how useful private cloud technology will be to your business.

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