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Computer Hardware Engineer: Job Description, Salary And Skill Needed

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A computer hardware engineer is responsible for research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components.

Some of the components include processors, chips, servers, Keyboards, circuit boards, screens, memory devices, networks, and routers etc..

Fundamentally, to be hired as a computer hardware engineer, you need to have a degree in Computer Engineering.

Although, a degree in computer science and electrical electronics engineering with some practical work experience is also considered

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find faults and troubleshoot failed rotational media and solid-state storage devices.

  • Design new computer hardware.

  • Creating schematic diagrams of computer equipment to be built.

  • Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware to be built.

  • Carrying out testing of computer hardware designed.
  • Modify the functionality of hardware to suit other purposes
  • Analyze the test results and modify the design to suit findings based on test results
  • Test and peer review for technical accuracy, standards and compliance to the design.

  • Updating computer hardware equipment to guarantee compatibility with the desired software.

Average Salary Structure of a computer hardware engineer

  • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing      $140,840
  • Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences            132,450
  • Federal government      113,430
  • Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing                113,050
  • Computer systems design and related services  111,610

Note that the above salary is per annum.

Source: U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS wage report for 2019

The most highly compensated computer hardware engineers work in computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing section as can be seen above.

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Skills and Competences

It is fundamentally required that all computer hardware engineers must possess some if not all of  the following skill sets and competences

Critical thinking ability

It is important for a computer hardware engineer  to have the capacity to think smartly and deeply over concepts and models.

This way, you will have a complete understanding of any problem to proffer solution to and address needs of users accurately.

Reading Comprehension

Your ability to read and comprehend is a huge factor which will help you to catch up with the dynamic trends in the technology space.

Communication Skills

Also, hardware engineers most of the times work with different teams, hence needs to be able to communicate expressly and clearly.


Again, this is another important skill set needed by a hardware engineer. Being creative helps you to come up with different stylish designs for hardware, devices and peripherals.