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Top 5 Social Media Sites To Give Your Business A Leap 2020-2021

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Social Media Sites are online platforms that allow users to create public profiles and interact with other users on the websites.

The sites usually create connection features between users which allow them to connect and interact with each other.

The various ways such users interact is often through chats,  shares, likes, comments, in some cases phone calls  etc.

The dream of every business owner is to have a growing business with high patronage.

If you are a business owner with that kind of desire, then this article is for you.

Social media sites have definitely proven beneficial over the past 2 going to 3 decades now.

In this article, we will bring to you 5 top social media sites that can bring dramatic increase in patronage to your business.

List of top Social Media Sites to grow your Business

  • Facebook

Founded : 2004

Monthly Active Users: 2.5billion

Facebook is the most popular of all the social media sites today with the highest number of users.

This capacity makes it highly useful in terms of supporting business growth as social media marketers leverage it tools to attract high traffic and sales to businesses worldwide.

Some leading organisations taking advantage of Facebook to promote their businesses are from large and advanced industries.

Some of these industries include entertainment, Technology, financial services, telecom, ecommerce, gaming, consumer goods, Automobile etc.

The different ways you can use Facebook for your business is through Facebook Ads, connecting with your customers, create contents to target your audience of interest, Facebook page, ads campaign etc.

  • Twitter

Founded: 2006

Active Monthly Users: 340 million

Twitter i can say is the fastest of all the social media sites in terms of making a post spread like wild fire.

Perhaps this is partly the reason you see even top leaders of powerful nations using it to share information example President trump of America

You can take advantage of twitter platform in driving traffic to your business especially if your business is related to News, Sports, Entertainment, politics or marketing.

It is easy for you to build your brand and create awareness around it to grow your business.

You can leverage the strength of Twitter to pull a lot of traffic to your business to promote growth.

To take advantage of this platform for your business, you can create a twitter account professionally, follow and tag relevant and important handles

You can create valuable contents regarding your business and share with as many handles as possible.

Comment on some relevant posts, share tips related to your products and services.

Another important way is to advertise on twitter paid advertisement channels.

Indeed, twitter is among the best social media sites to engage in improving business productivity.

  • Instagram

Launched: 2010

Active users: 1 billion

It is a creative social media platform where product-based businesses, coaches and social influencers thrive.

With the introduction of shoppable posts in 2018, the potential Return on Investment for product-related businesses has gone up.

Besides the fact that B2B can connect with huge audience, they can as well link the product information and sales from the ‘gram.

One unique feature of Instagram is that about 63% of its age bracket is between 18 and 34 years virtually split between male and female.

So if your business targets demographic below 35 years old then Instagram is a goldmine for you.

Looking at all these features, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the very valuable social media sites for business.

  • LinkedIn

Founded: 2003

Active Monthly Users: 310 million

This social media network deals mostly with professional network connection between individuals.

This suggests that people socialize at the professional category level.

And within its network, you have more than 50 million users in senior positions which is an opportunity to explore by business owners.

Let’s not forget that about 44% of LinkedIn Users have income above national median.

And also that 50% of Americans on LinkedIn own a college degree.

All these statistics are relevant information that smart businesses take advantage of to engage in the use of LinkedIn tools to drive growth .

LinkedIn is one of the very powerful social media platforms  to consider for your business in 202.

  • SnapChat

Founded: 2011

Active Monthly Users: 360 million

Just fold your sleeves to jump on Snapchat if your target demographic is younger age.

Snapchat is a social media messaging app that enables users to exchange images and videos known as snaps which will disappear after they have been viewed.

With huge active users population especially young people like 13 years old flood the app with users generated contents.

If your business requires patronage from such younger people, then Snapchat is the best option.

If you take advantage of its paid ads services and more, you will soon thank us for the guide…

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