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Social media: You, Will, Wish You Read This before You Started Using it

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The importance of this article is to assess how social media overuse affects us all as human beings.

First, have you tried to find out why social media companies higher certain personnel called Attention Engineers?

What is the role of attention engineers to these social media organizations?

The role of an attention engineer is to make the tools as addictive as possible. You still do not understand?

Okay fine am not surprised if you do not seem to get yet where I am driving at.

Of course, social media is really a great tool when it comes to social interaction and connectivity.

The positive impact of  the platforms can never be over emphasized both in our private and  businesses lives.

However, does social media addiction have any negative impact on our human existence?

The answer is capital yes. And you will ask me how?

How Do Social Media addictions affect human productivity and creativity?

Research has it that there are about 3 billion people connected to one form of social media or the other and per day one person spends a minimum of about 2 hours on it.

Social media offer tremendous online comfort and connectivity, but many are worried about overuse of the platform.

And until someone points your attention to it, you may not notice that you are already addicted to it.

Ask yourself how many times you check your Facebook page for likes, posts, shares. Videos, images, games and more per day.

And you will discover you are addicted without being aware already.

So if you spend 2 hours per day on any of the platforms  it means 2hours multiplied by 7 days in a week is = 14 hours in a week

Then 14 hours multiplied by 4 weeks which gives a total of 56 hours spent by one person in a month.

This implies that one person spends about 672 hours on the platforms per year  amounting to 28 days that is almost one full month on social media in a year.

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So how does this affect us as humans?

  1. It affects your productivity at work. Many types of research have shown that  spending more time on social media reduces staff productivity at work
  2. Spending much time on the media platforms reduces academic performance in students
  3. When you put in more time on the platforms, your concentration on doing any other productive activity is disrupted.
  4. Excessive engagement on the platform is capable of disrupting your peaceful sleep.
  5. Most people develop depression based on what they see on the platforms.
  6. Teens are not left out as they are tempted to spend more time on the platforms which have a direct negative impact on their mental and psychological wellbeing.

So if you understood all these before you started using social media platforms, I am sure from day one you would have decided to guide yourself properly on its usage.

The rule of thumb here is moderation and self-control. Part of the reasons, I will recommend that you ensure your kids are up to maturity age before you allow them to have access to it.


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