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3 Things I Wish I Knew About Facebook Business Manager Before Now

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Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that helps you to manage all your Facebook pages, Facebook ads and other Facebook marketing assets all from one place.

Let’s say you run a business where you have three different Facebook ads with two separate Facebook pages.

And in managing these assets, you login to your individual accounts to post on the different Facebook pages.

Also, you have to login to the different ads accounts to track advertisements’ performance and so on through the same personal ID.

As it stands, when you post something on any of the pages, it appears showing you posted through your personal account.

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The implication is that, there is no clear-cut separation between your private account and the business page

Secondly, If you do not login to your private Facebook account, you may not be able to assess the performance of the ads you are running.

Similarly, assuming it is one of your staff whose personal account was used to create the business page, but now he is separated from the company, what happens?

3 Crucial things I Wish I Knew About Facebook Business Manager before using Facebook Ads and Pages

  1. With Facebook Business Manager, I can manage and handle all my Facebook Pages from a central point.

This is in fact, a very serious relief from the stress of having to log in and log out from one account to the order to manage the multiple pages.

2. Also, You can track and assess the performance of all the Facebook ads via this same tool without having to go through the personal account.

Just like Google Analytics, the business manager assists to have a detailed report about the performance of your advertisements to guide you in your strategic business decision making.

3. Besides, it feels great to know that I can easily assign the role of managing all these assets to some else let’s say my staff without the person logging to my personal ID.

The tool is also helpful to digital marketing consultants who help other companies to manage numerous Facebook pages and ads at the same time.

We do hope this article has enlightened you enough about Facebook Business Manager?

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