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How To Activate Windows 10 Dark Mode In 4 Simple Steps In 2020.

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Staring at your bright window screen all day long is not safe neither is it great for your device battery and screen lifespan hence the need for windows 10 dark mode.

The feature is a Microsoft windows facility made available to help users manage the strength or brightness of the light on their device screen.

The dark theme is pretty cool and nice looking as. It casts a calm peaceful shade of display for Windows 10 Anniversary or later updates versions.

This feature is not compatible with earlier versions of windows 10

This article is meant to teach and walk you through the process of enabling windows 10 dark theme all by yourself.

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Why do you need to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode on your device?

  • Because it has been discovered that bright light cause users to strain their eyes which is not good for their eyesight.
  • Windows 10 dark mode facility helps to reduce excess power consumption by the device
  • The dark mode assists in prolonging the lifespan of both the battery and the device itself.
  • And it makes you run your windows optimally

How do I Enable the Windows 10 dark mode?

As earlier mentioned, note that this feature is compatible only with windows 10 anniversary and later updates.

Follow these steps to enable the dark theme.

  1. Log in to your Windows 10  and Click on Settings
  2. Select  Personalization
  3. At  the left-hand side, click on Colors
  4. Scroll Down to locate the Dark option click on it, and now you have your dark mode activated.

Now that your dark mode is enabled, any time you wish to revert the settings, just follow the same process and choose the opposite option for dark mode.

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