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5G Tower: How worried should you be about your health?

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5G is next generation technology from mobile networks.

It is an evolution of 3G and 4G that promises lightning-fast speed, low latency, and increased network connectivity.

5G tower is the base station that houses the 5G network equipment that connects and share signals with mobile devices.

There are worries about the potential health hazards from the 5G tower.

In this article, we have done some very deep research to find out whether or not 5G tower is harmful to human health.

The main reason many people feel and believe there are health challenges using 5g is the word “radiations”.

According to Wikipedia, radiation is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium.

One of the things that add to the fears about 5G tower health problems is a social media post made by Erin Elizabeth on Nov. 2018.

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The post suggested that in the Netherlands, about 300 birds died due to 5G testing.

This post went viral on social media.

So is 5G tower really having negative health effects on human health?

The fact is that all our connected devices emit radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy.

This energy is used in powering our mobile phones, radios, TVs and computers.

This kind of radiation is known as NON-IONIZING radiation.

This type of radiation does not have any harmful effect on human beings.

Non-Ionizing radiations do not have the capacity to affect the DNA of the human body which is the main reason they are not harmful

On the other hand, you have high frequency radiations like ultra-violet rays from the sun or X-rays

This is a more powerful type of energy and it’s known as Ionizing radiations.

This type of radiation can do a lot of damage to the DNA hence its harmful to human health.

Fortunately, radiations from 5G tower are non-ionizing radiation so pose no health hazard.

So why are people worried about radiations from 5G tower?

Well, because there are a few improvement changes coming with 5G technology that seem to give people some concerns.

1.)It uses Millimeter wavelengths technology

2.) 5G is new and untested

3.)The more 5G towers and Antennas to cover the same ground the more the exposure to the risk

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So how do these pose threats to human health?

  1. )Millimeter wavelength technology

There are thousands of researches carried out so far on determining if radiations from 5G tower is capable of affecting the DNA of the human body to cause harm, but none has proved it to be.

2.) 5G is new and untested.

Please note that 5G is not new, it’s been in use in airports, Scanners etc. a long time ago.

Initially 5G used the same wavelength.

3.) More towers mean more exposure to harmful radiations.

But as established, non-ionizing radiations are not strong enough to affect human health hence, no matter the number of 5G towers, it has no effect.

However, as earlier mentioned, there are still a lot researches going on with regards to the health effects of 5G network on humans.

Should any of the researches produce a result that indicate danger of 5G to human health, we will surely update you via our articles immediately as we keep monitoring the outcome of the research exercises across the globe.