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To help us discuss and understand everything about VoIP termination, we will have to, first of all, take a critical look at VoIP as the key concept.

Let us keep reading for a brief meaning of the acronym and more.

What is VOIP Termination?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which represents the system whereby voice phone calls are made through the internet protocol (IP) instead of the traditional coppers of public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

Generally, it is a proven technology that many may look at as the main alternative to the local telephone system.

Therefore, the term VoIP termination entails a procedure used in routing telephone calls from one provider to the next provider until the call gets to the final provider and the call has been received by the purported recipient.

It is seen as an end-point or a call destination usually by PSTN (public switch telephone network).

Also, you may be correct if you refer to  VoIP termination also as Voice termination as they mean one and the same thing.

Top 5 Features of VoIP termination

To help our readers in considering whether to embrace VoIP technology or not, this part of the article analysis very important features.

Please keep in mind that some of these features of VoIP are indeed free with most mainstream providers in some countries like the USA.

First, a recent study that was carried out in the United States of America by indicated that about 62% of businesses in America use VoIP calls technology.

In fact, that is a huge percentage considering the large business market in the USA.

Perhaps these statistics should give us an insight into how useful VoIP and VoIP termination are to any business.

* Virtual Receptionist

This is also referred to as auto attendant.

A virtual receptionist is a feature in your phone system where when people call in, instead of being routed to someone directly, they actually get an automated voice prompt asking the caller some questions and giving him/her the option to choose.

Usually, the voice prompt is a programmed message saying something like ”Welcome to company AYZ, if you know the extension you wish to reach, please dial bla bla bla  ”

Another breathtaking advantage of the virtual attendant is that it blocks a lot of spam and robocalls.

That is how the feature works and it is needless to say that this feature is a superb facility that can enhance the efficiency of the customer service of the organization.

* Call Recording

I do not think I really need to explain much on call recording as a feature of VoIP.

I assume most of our readers should already have some basic knowledge of call recording.

Call recording is the process of recording a voice conversation over an audio source.

Beyond just an audio thing, some video calls can also be recorded these days.

This feature is a powerful facility to help businesses get the best out of the VoIP system.

* Simultaneous Ring

This function of the VoIP termination system allows you to configure your phone to ring on one or more devices at the same time.

For instance, you are using a VoIP IP phone in your office, you will want to get your phone at the home ring while the one in the office is ringing and even on your cell phone.

This helps to ensure you do not miss any calls. This feature is quite important especially when you are always mobile and not fixed in one place.

* Mobile App

My favourite really. This feature allows me to turn my cell phone into the VoIP phone system or desk phone.

In other words, it helps me get on my cell phone all features in my desk phone.

* Call Continuity

VoIP termination systems possess a premium feature known as call continuity.

This powerful call function automatically detects loss of phone connectivity at the level of the extension and swiftly transfers calls to the specified backup phone number.

This ensures that you never have to miss any call due to downtime of either power, internet, or any other vital part of the system.

Conclusion on Voip Termination

With all these great features and operational capabilities of the VoIP termination system, your business value will shoot high and growth will be in geometric progression.

It is a worthy investment to acquire and deploy the VoIP system to drive your business communication system