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How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen in Few Simple Steps

Windows 10 Black Screen

In this article, I will be showing you how to fix the problem of windows 10 black screen during startup.

The black screen sometimes happens while your computer is booting up

There could be a couple reasons for the said windows 10 black screen issues. Any of the following possible scenarios may have played out.

  1. It could be because the display adapter driver is outdated
  2. There may be an issue of faulty VGA or HDMI cable
  3. Sometimes  windows 10 black screen is caused by corrupt windows operating system display driver.
  4. The user shell may have being corrupted either by system update file or some malware application. This  is the most common cause of the black screen

The user shell handles different tasks for the operating system like managing the taskbar, desktops, Icons display and other user interface functions. read more