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Mobile Phone Mast Dangers in 2020

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Mobile Phone mast

This article tries to assess and sensitize the public on the possible mobile phone mast dangers.

In recent years, mobile phone masts have kept on popping up right, left and center in different cities of Nigeria.

This is traceable to sudden growth in telecommunications industry in the country as a result of deregulation of the sector a couple years back.

Mobile Phone Mast

These masts are installed to boost network signals and guarantee better phone signals to users in those localities.

It is important to state that the said masts emit radio magnetic waves that may be dangerous to human health when excessively exposed to them.

When most telecoms companies approach government or owners of lands and landed property to allow them setup the mast, they do not inform them of the possible health challenges associated with such radiations.
In most locations, you find other smaller  masts sitting on roof tops of both residential and commercial buildings with people living under such buildings.

It has been discovered that every human body has a limited intensity of  such electromagnetic  frequencies the body can face over  a time. Beyond such capacity, the human cells may start being damaged by the radiations.

Research has also shown that  people exposed to constant excess microwave frequencies come up with health symptoms like insomnia, brain problems, leukemia,  skin issues and most times cancer disease.

It is important also to ask, how am I not sure that am not been microwaved 24/7 in my place of residence where there is a mast?

Also, what if these mast is placed near  a school where students or pupils spend at least 8 hours a day.


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Mobile phone mast dangers cannot be taken for granted because life of a man centers around his healthy body.

What they people need is first good health before business profits.

Expert’s  Opinion

What we do is look at the weight of the evidence. The weight  of the evidence demonstrates clearly that exposure to radio  frequency radiation causes diseases such as cancer. The evidence is quite clear And i sincerely hope it is not as  bad as i think it is. The evidence right now is sufficient  to sensitize the people of the danger. The people need to know so they  avoid  such places or exposures  May 14,  2012

Doctor David Carpenter
(A world renowned expert in environmental toxins.)
Director, Inst. for Health & Environment.
University of  Albany. New York.

Dr. David Carpenter Director, Inst. for Health & Environment. University of Albany New York
Dr. David Carpenter Director, Inst. for Health & Environment. University of Albany New York

Tips to Reduce or Avoid Mobile Phone Mast Dangers

This article therefore encourage people to imbibe the following habits to reduce the effects of such electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone  masts  and other related devices:


  1. Do not build near or under mobile phone masts or high tension electrical cables
  2. Use electromagnetic shielding materials e.g. paints, window films, meshes, canopies etc. that reflect more than 99% of wireless radiations.
  3. Avoid public spots where you believe or know there are such radiations.
Testing Electromagnetic radiations from Mobile Phone Mast using Powerful meter
Testing Electromagnetic radiations from Mobile Phone Mast using Powerful meter
  1. Avoid excessive microwaving of meals.
  2. Double check places where your kids and wards go including their schools and play grounds to ensure they are free from such masts

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