UA-208572229-1 Apple  Watch, This Is What is Called Technological Revolution

Apple  Watch, This Is What is Called Technological Revolution

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Apple Watch

Apple  Watch is actually a wristwatch designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. with the ability to extend the functionalities of the mobile phones lability to Smartphone.

Traditionally, we know mobile phones have the function of voice calls with extended capabilities of video calls, sms, camera shots, etc.

But recently, Apple Inc. began to build wristwatches with cellular capabilities.

With an Apple Watch, you can make calls and do almost everything your iPhone is capable of doing.

Let’s take a good look at the features of Apple Watch.

Apple Watches are of different series and configurations just like Apple iPad came with 1, 2 , 3 etc. series.

But mostly we will discuss the features and functionalities of the most recent series which Apple Watch Series 3.

When the initial Apple Watch series came out, one of the main requirements was that while making use of the watch, you must keep your iPhone close to the watch.

But for Apple watch series 3, you no longer need your iphone nearby while using the device.

Which is a huge capability, if you ask me?

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This is because there could be a couple of inconveniences having to carry your iPhone around when using the watch.

For example, Apple watch series 3 is built in such a way that no matter the weather, inside the rain, while swimming in the pool, at the gym or just anywhere, the watch is safe, but the case is not the same with iPhones.


  • water resistance 50 meters1
  • a new barometric altimeter that measures relative elevation
  • GPS and cellular connectivity or GPS
  • 70 percent faster dual-core processor
  • wireless chip
  • Combination of cellular connectivity and watchOS 4 (enables Apple Music users to stream 40 million songs from their wrist)

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What You Can DO With Your Apple Watch

  • Make and Receive Calls
  • Use the Apple Watch as a torch light
  • Change Your Watch Face
  • See Info Quickly
  • Monitor Your Heart Rate
  • Track Your Fitness
  • Send, Receive and Reply to Text and iMessage
  • Send  Emoji
  • Get iPhone Notifications On Your Wrist
  • Share Your Heartbeat

  • Pay with Apple Pay
  • Use Apple Watch Apps
  • Get Directions On the Watch
  • Send Drawings from the Watch
  • Use Siri on the Apple Watch
  • View Photos on Your Apple Watch
  • Connect to Your Car
  • Facebook Communication Messages
  • Listen to Music on Your  Watch
  • Stream Apple Music on Your Watch 3
  • Share Your Location
  • Check Your Email
  • Control Your Apple TV & Music
  • Use it as a Camera Viewfinder
  • Find a lost iPhone
  • Store Tickets on Your Apple Watch
  • Use it as a Nightstand Clock
  • Set Your  Watch Up to 10 Minutes Fast
  • Send an SOS
  • Keep on Track to Close Your Activity Rings
  • Check Your Instagram Feed
  • Keep You On Task as a Virtual Assistant
  • Send Money to Friends with Apple Pay
  • Use it as a Stopwatch
  • Use as a Translator
  • Show Store Loyalty Cards
  • Control Your Smart Home
  • Get Important Weather Alerts
  • Track Your Runs

So how many US Dollars is this sweet device?

The  Watch Series 3 prize  from $329(Apple Website)


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