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7 Tips to Secure Mobile Phone

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In this article, we explain 7 different tips  we can use to  secure mobile phone..

The level of  closeness some of us develop to our mobile phones  sometimes grow so tight   to the extent that  often times the feeling of losing them is unbearable  due to tons of information stored in them and the frequent interactions we often make with the devices.

Do you know that even if  you  lose your mobile phone or device, it is still possible to retrieve if some steps were adequately taken to secure the gadget before it got missing or stolen?

Consider how much it cost you to save several bucks to get a particular phone or device  of your dream with the aim of utilizing it to solve some pressing communication problems, and all of a sudden you can no longer find it or the gadget has been stolen after hipping all sorts of valuable info in it. Of course the feeling will be traumatizing.

Therefore it is very important to secure mobile phone so that we can be sure they wont easily be misplaced or stolen.

Most often, what some people perceive as being difficult or even impossible, others who have knowledge of the way around it look at it as fun.

In this post, I will guide you  on how to secure mobile phone in your possession . Therefore follow the steps below to accomplish the task.

1. Document every detail about the phone.

All mobile phones come with some very important information which will be useful in identifying, tracing and even maintain the phone. And often times when in need if we cant have access to these details so many achievable things regarding the phone are frustrated.

Hence to secure mobile phone, you can make a note of the following details and file them in a safe folder both in hard and soft copy.

  • The International Mobile Equipment Identity( IMEI) number
  • Phone Model and Make
  • Appearance, Colour and Shape
  • Security Pin or Lock Code
  • Date of Manufacture

2.  Secure mobile phone by locking  it with the security code

Configure a complex security passcode and use it to lock your phone as this will discourage someone from carrying. Similarly, l it will mainly prevent whoever eventually carrys the phone from having  easy access to your stored data in the phone memory.

Because most times the challenge we have when we lose our phone is not about the value of the phone itself but that of the data stored in it. So it is important to secure mobile phone.

3. Inflict a security mark on the phone.

To Secure mobile phone, you can make use of any sharp pointed object to carve a conspicuous mark on the phone body and battery. Or better still use ultra violet pen to print some of your critical identity codes like post code or even house number on the phone and its battery. This way, it can easily be identified as belonging to you if lost or stolen. You could decide to place a contact information like any of  email, Facebook I.D, Twitter handle or even alternate phone number on it so you can  be easily reached when it is found.

4. Report to the police immediately in case you suspect someone has stolen it.

Doing this will shield you from any criminal indictment just in case the thief who picked  it tries to get access to your details  and make use of the information against you in anyway, or if he decides to get smart using  phone to commit crime and the security agents find out your phone was used in the crime and trace you. On the other hand, in a system where you pay your phone bills in post-paid scheme, the thief can make frequent calls with your stolen phone and keep the bill in your account to pay. So in this case, delay can be dangerous.

5. Install a good Anti Phone Theft Application.

One of the ways you can secure mobile phone is to deploy anti phone theft application on it. Anti Phone theft software are solutions designed to enable people track their mobile phones when they get missing or are stolen. Some of the applications are quite efficient with very easy interfaces who’s purpose is to secure mobile phone.

Although some phones these days come with the features, however others will still require one to download and install on  them from google play store or other stores.

Some models of iPhones come with such trackers pre-installed.

Examples of such phone tracking software include Prey, Android Lost, Lookout, Cerberus etc.

Most of them are quite robust enough to help in the event of missing phone.

6. Create Data Backups for your Phone information.

Most often, the value we place on our mobile phone is a function of the quality of information on it rather than the phone itself. Just a phone  number of an important contact can actually make or mar us should we not handle it with care.

Hence, taking critical precautionary measures in securing such information on our mobiles is very crucial.

Backing up your phone data ( contacts, messages, emails, pictures, videos, call logs etc) with data backup companies or your network provider is key as it safeguards your details so that in the event of damage, lost or if it be stolen you can have access to the information while finding a way to get the device back if possible.

For Blackberry device users they can  configure their  BlackBerry  IDs on Black Berry Protect that comes with the device. Schedule auto backup so aside your phone which allows the device do a backup exercise by itself at the set time without your interference.

7. Enable other Phone Security Features

Mobile phone manufacturers are not ignorant of the possibilities of people losing their phones through theft or misplacement. Also manufacturers know the need to secure mobile phone. Therefore most smart phones these days come with sophisticated security and GPS connected features.

In android phones, there is Android Device Manager(ADM), while in blackberry we have Blackberry Protect, in windows phones there is  Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM)  etc.

The earlier we study these phone features and configure them immediate after purchase, the better as they will enable us be able to recover our phones when misplaced or stolen.

In due time we shall write detail articles on how to technically configure most of these features to secure your phones.

If this post was helpful in anyway or better still if you have any question, we will appreciate your comment below.

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