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Beware of Laptop Radiations in Year 2020

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Testing The Intensity of Laptop Radiations

There are strong indications that  Laptop radiations have adverse health effects on human health.  Although there are conflicting opinions on whether or not such laptop radiations are harmful. Studies have continued to show that humans have limited intensity of radiation their bodies can withstand beyond which might become harmful and dangerous to the well-being of man.


Laptops are portable computers that can be carried around in a handy way and even placed on laps to work.

There have being various studies on electromagnetic radiations from electronic devices especially laptop computers .

Truth be told, all other electronic gadgets such as television, cell phones, microwave ovens, Wireless routers etc.  emit such radiations as well, but what makes those of laptops critical is the fact that laptops are often carried on laps or even much closer to human systems .
The said closeness to human bodies  shortens  the distance between the electromagnetic frequencies waves  and the human body.

It is believed   also that the nearer such waves to the human body,  the more the intensity and the higher the risk of damaging cells thereby possibly  leading to cancer.

Ionizing Radiations

Ionizing radiation is an energy type released by atoms that move in the form of electromagnetic waves (gamma or X-rays) or particles (neutrons, beta or alpha). The automatic continuous disintegration of atoms is called radioactivity, and the excess energy emitted is a form of ionizing radiation.

World Health Organisation- W.H.O report of 2012 declared after research that certain amount of such radiations beyond a particular level can be injurious to human health and possess the tendency to cause health hazard. According to W.H.O the following facts were deduced from their findings.

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Key facts

  • Ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

  • People are exposed to natural sources of ionizing radiation, such as in soil, water, vegetation, and in human-made sources, such as x-rays and medical devices.

  • Ionizing radiation has many beneficial applications, including uses in medicine, industry, agriculture and research.

  • As the use of ionizing radiation increases, so does the potential for health hazards if not properly used or contained.

  • Acute health effects such as skin burns or acute radiation syndrome can occur when doses of radiation exceed certain levels.

  • Low doses of ionizing radiation can increase the risk of longer term effects such as cancer.

Laptop with DefenderPad
Laptop with DefenderPad

Other Sources of Radiation

It is worthy of note that there are other sources of radiations aside the technological sources.

It is worthy of note that apart from radiations from  sources such as  laptop, Mobile phone mast, Television, Microwave Ovens etc, there are radiations at high altitude.

Radiations from high altitude emanate from cosmic rays. It is believed that more than 80% of radiations faced by man are from natural sources. As the exist both on soil , air and in high altitudes.

Ways to Prevent Radiations from Laptops

Using Laptop with DefenderPad
Using Laptop with DefenderPad

Radiations from laptops can actually be minimized. Some  of the major ways to reduce the effect of  laptop radiations on human health include:

  1. Always avoid placing laptops on your laps. The heath and electromagnetic interference from laptop affect human cells when too close to the body. Note that that is the reason Apple has stopped referring to such as Laptop but just computer or book.
  2. Make use of Laptop DefenderPad which will protect your body from such radiations if you must carry the laptop on your laps.
  3. It is preferable to use laptop when unplugged as this reduces the level of radiations.
  4. It is also preferable to connect to internet using network cable than using wi-fi to reduce Radio Frequency(RF) effects.
  5. Always work swiftly with your computer and shutdown when done. It is not advisable to stay with computer for hours all the time.

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