UA-169355374-1 See the Importance of Wireless Technology in Business

See the Importance of Wireless Technology in Business

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wireless technology in business

This article analyzes and tries to emphasize the importance of wireless technology in business at all levels.

The value offered by any business is a quite wide in ordinary terms as it involves a lot of other components to make it complete.

However, a business is said to deliver value if it is able to meet up with reliable productivity, efficiency, job  and customer satisfaction.

A couple of studies in the recent past have shown that small businesses indicate they will hardly survive without the application of wireless technology in business.

Wireless Technology

For decades now, local area networks (LAN) have been typically limited to physical wired segments. But with the emergence of technologies that utilize infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) to carry data, LANs have been liberated from the limitations of the physical media.

This implies that, wireless technology is a network setup where wires are not used to connect devices to transmit data rather that is done via RF and IR.

What good has this phenomenon brought to the  businesses world?

Perhaps it is important to accept that there are few concerns network experts and users point out regarding wireless technologies.

For instance, comparing wireless with wired in terms of security and speed, they say wired is more secure than wireless. Sure, that was then but for now, there are quite a couple of security solutions (Hardware and Software) that can be deployed to make wireless as secure as wired and facilitate the speed of wireless networks.

That is a topic for another article some other day.

Wireless technology in business is something that should interest any business owner as it aims to bring higher productivity and increase in income to the business.

Let’s look at some of the advantages Wireless Technology brings to businesses.

  1. Improved Mobility

This happens to be the biggest merits wireless technology brings to any business. Rather than employees being glued to one seat to work when they are to move around due to work need, they have the freedom to access the server, internet and other network resources from any point around the office environment.

This makes work a lot seamless, easy and simplified  as well,  the bottom line is high output amounting to business growth.

  1. Scalability

Imagine a situation where when the company procures any new computer, the network administrator has to go crimping cables running them across office spaces to join the new system. All these inconveniences will be eliminated through deploying wireless technology in business.

All they just need to do is activate the Wi-Fi function of the pc and type in the passcode, in a jiffy the user begins to work.

The time and other resources put in to extend physical network cables will be plunged back into the business for higher productivity.

  1. Encourages Bring Your Own Device(BOYD) activities

Most companies running wireless technologies in their business indirectly engage staff personal devices to do official work  since the technology makes it easier for staffers to bring in their laptops, tablest, PDAs and other mobile devices to connect and make use of them for their official duties.

This saves the company some resources of having to provide such devices to staff in need.

  1. Increase Productivity

One other very great advantage of wireless technology in business is that it brings about high productivity as staff can collaborate and share resources where and when around the network covered areas. Sometimes, employees can as well take their devices home to work after closing hours as still have access to the same office resources.

  1. Public Wi-Fi HOTSPOTS

The public domain is not left out of wireless technology . With wi-fi hotspots being placed in strategic important spots around the cities  like coffee shops, railways, school campuses, hotels, trains stations, buses, hospitals etc, employees out of the office who find themselves in such locations can take advantage of the wireless network facility to continue their work thereby boosting business productivity. Such staff can access and reply their mails, post transactions to office servers etc.

  1. Easy Connectivity To Guests Devices

It is always a long process connecting guest to office network. Extending network with cables is often not so convenient. But with wireless technology, it is quite simple and without hassle.

In a situation for instance where the network ports in the conference hall are only 12, and you have 18 guests in the hall with laptops and other wireless enabled devices to connect, wireless technology makes it easier to connect them without much worries.

  1. WI_FI is Cheaper in terms of Cost

Deploying wireless technology is way cheaper than making use of hard wired network both in terms of coverage and number of users involved. You keep investing in materials like wires and other accessories if using wired technology while a single wireless device covers many users and distance.

  1. Free Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone calls

Another super cool advantage of using wireless technology in business is the fact that the technology allows you to make telephone calls free(depending on the country and the devices been called) through internet protocol based on a system known as voice over internet protocol,VOIP.

  1. Safety

Because there won’t be issues like tripping and falling as a result of contact with flying cables, wireless technology presents safety as advantage. Also, there will be no incidence of fire outbreak due to  wires interconnecting with naked electrical wires or any typical related scenario like that.

  1. High Availability

Because wires could be chopped off by things like rats, or moving items, they could disrupt business operation and impact productivity negatively in the case of wired technology, but when using wireless technology, no such issue comes up.

Generally, most business these days make use of both technologies to enjoy their various benefits.

It depends on whether one appreciate such advantages or not.

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