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How to buy bitcoin with peace of mind in 2020

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how to buy bitcoin

How to buy bitcoin with peace of mind in 2018 will definitely be a question in the list of many as we approach the brand new incoming year.

Usually, as the year runs towards the end, people and businesses begin to count their blessing or losses for the outgoing year in order to help them reposition and re-strategize against the coming year.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around the virtual currency arena for a couple of years now.

Needless to say, Bitcoin has been a powerful virtual currency that appears to grow much faster in strength than any currency in the whole wide world; not even the great American dollar, British pounds or any other western currency has been able to challenge it.

How bitcoin works is exactly not so clear.

However, efforts to explain its modus operandi by a couple of experts just indicates that it is a virtual currency that can be sent and received only through the internet.

At the moment, bitcoin has grown stronger to a level its exchange per dollar is about 1B = $19548.7193 ( as at the time of this report).

I am sure you know that at the moment, there is no currency with such exchange rate capacity in the world aside from bitcoin.

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Do not let us digress from our main topic of interest which is how to buy bitcoin.

Because of the growth of bitcoin over a short period of time thereby making investors billionaires, it has become an avenue for a lot of scam businesses online.

So our discussion will not only center on how to buy Bitcoin, but also on how to buy bitcion and still maintain peace of mind knowing you cant be duped.

So many stories and complains online how several innocent buyers have been swindled of their hard-earned funds while trying to buy bitcoin.

This brought a burden in our hearts to research into this topic to save our readers from falling victims of dubious acts of some negatively smart people.

As earlier mentioned above, bitcoin can only be sent and received online, but it can be paid for by physical cash deposit while it will be transferred via the net after payment confirmation.

Therefore, since sending it can only be gotten through the internet, then procuring it will definitely be  through a website as well.

Below is the list of 7 most authentic and reliable websites with where and how to buy bitcoin and you can be sure of not losing your money.

  4. BTC-e
  5. ItBit
  6. OkCoin
  7. BitStamp

You can peruse those sites by clicking on any of them to navigate to their homepage and read about them, understand all you need to know how to buy bitcoin.

Meanwhile, bitcoin has its central hub website which hosts and handles all bitcoins transactions to other vendors websites as the ones mentioned above. The name of the bitcoin hub site is blockchain.

You can know more about the site and bitcoin by logging into

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