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Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all you need to know about AI.

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The easiest way to talk about the definition of artificial intelligence is in the context of human beings.

After all, humans are the most intelligent creatures that ever existed  even up till now.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science.

And the goal of AI is to create systems that can function intelligently and independently.

Humans can speak and listen to communicate through language. This is the feature of speech recognition.

And much of speech recognition is statistically based hence it is called statistical learning.

As a computer science student, you remember offering a course like statistical learning while in school.

Again, humans can write and read texts in a language.

This is the feature called Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Humans can see with their eyes and process what they see.

This is the field of computer vision. Computer vision falls under the symbolic way for computer to process information.

Recently, there has being another way, we will talk about that later.

Also, humans recognize all they see around them through their eyes which create images of that world.

This field of image processing which even though is not directly related to artificial intelligence,  is required for computer vision.

More so, humans can understand their environment and move around freely.

This is the field of robotics in computer science.

Besides, humans have the ability to see patterns like grouping of objects which is the field of pattern recognition.

Machines are even better at pattern recognition because they can use more data and dimensions of data which is in the field of machine learning.

We cannot discuss the definition of artificial intelligence without looking into all the above mentioned fields of computer science.

How Does Human Brain Relate With the Definition of Artificial Intelligence?

How the human brain defines what AI is, is a matter of how the brain functions.

The human brain is the network of neurons and it uses this to learn things.

If we are able to replicate the structure and function of the human brain, we might be able to get cognitive capabilities in machines.

This is the field of neural networks.

If these networks are more complex and deeper, and we use them to learn complex things, we use those to learn

If we get the network to scan images from left to right, top to bottom, is commutation of neural networks (CNN).

CNN is used to recognize objects that they have seen.

This is how computer vision fits in and object recognition is accomplished through artificial intelligence.

Humans can remember the past like what you had for dinner last night normally.

In the same vein, we can get the neural network to remember what happened in a limited past known as Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN).

Fundamentally, AI works in two ways, 1. Symbolic based and  2. Data based.

The data based side is what machine learning is. We need to feed the machine with the needed data before it can learn.

Therefore, with all these features and models explained, I hope I have been able to make it easy for you to understand the definition of artificial intelligence and more.

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