UA-169355374-1 Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Which of These Consoles Should You Buy?

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Which of These Consoles Should You Buy?

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Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Two of the superb Microsoft game consoles offer some similarities in terms of features; however possess different levels of performance.

To determine which console to purchase between the two is often a herculean task at the surface level.

To make the buying decision as easy as possible, we made this research and put together an article to help you out.

This is to ensure you don’t waste your hard earned funds to buy what does not serve your entertainment pleasure as far as a game console is concerned.

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: See what they have in common

In our effort to see to it that your buying decision is effortless without regrets thereafter, we will begin with the features that are common to both devices.

Areas of Similarities are as follows:

  • Ports
  • Connectivity
  • Media Playback

Both consoles come with three USB 3.0 connectors, two at the rear and one at the front.

Also, the consoles have a pair of HDMI ports(2.0b out and 1.4b in), Ethernet, S/PDIF audio an IR output.

Both consoles possess support for 4K HDR content via the HDR 10 standard, and both have UHD Blu-ray disc drives.

Also, available is Dolby Atmos, as is Dolby Digital 5.1audio.

For Home Theatre fans, both consoles are compliant.


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In our review, one of the major differences comparing  Xbox  One X vs Xbox One S is in the design.

The Xbox One X is slightly smaller in physical size than the Xbox one S.

Similarly, Xbox One S is designed in such a way that the internal heat generated is let out from the top part of the device while in Xbox One X it is not so.

In Xbox One X, there is no vent to let out the heat, which means you could comfortably place your other AV kits on it without being worried about any hot air damaging them.

That of course, you can’t try on Xbox One S.


When it comes to technical capacity and performance, the Xbox One X is built with modern operational capability in mind with features that meet up with recent mid-range gaming technology.

Though  Xbox One S system has similar technology but a bit different in terms of modernisation requirements.

This suggests that in terms of gaming prowess, both devices handle it differently even though they at the end precipitate their outputs in UHD resolutions.

In Xbox One S, it delivers UHD gaming upscaled from FHD thereby mimicking the original 4K.

That is because it uses so-called ‘checkerboarding’  anti-aliasing technology to make pixels where there are none, creating an impression of a sharper and brighter image.


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It functions well, however it is not original 4K.

Although Xbox One X uses a little upscaling as well, but it is seriously beefed up with requirements to the extent it possesses the power enough to render games in much more higher resolutions than the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X features positions it to be able to produce richer, more realistic images.

With higher Video memory as well, it gives room for higher resolution of games textures.


Yes both consoles share the same domain library of games, but you will notice that some load with a title ‘Enhanced for One X’ suggesting they have some visual standards you will not find in other versions of the game.


Recall from our initial attempt above, comparing their designs, we said Xbox One S lets out hot air from the top part of the box, but Xbox One X does not.

This brings us to the fact that Xbox One X is fitted with features that cool its system making it generate less heat and even manages it to a level it has no effect on the system and the environment.


While Xbox One S comes with storage memory ranging from 500Gb to 2TB, Xbox One X starts its memory from 1TB with 8GB flash storage that helps store frequently loaded operating system files .

The essence of that is to speed up loading and performance.


Finally, the difference left is in the cost or prize so to speak.

While the One S cost about £200, the One X cost as much as £450 or more.

We hope this article will be able to provide the needed info that will guide you in making a decision with regards to the Xbox consoles.

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