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Web Archive: What is it and How Crucial is it to you and your business?

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In this article about web archive, we will explain everything about

  1. what web archive is,
  2. the very crucial things you need to know about web archiving
  3. how beneficial it is to you and your business.

A web archive is a place where websites and their information they contain collected from the world wild web are stored for safekeeping and for future use.

Hence, the process of collecting the websites and the information they contain to store in the archive is referred to as web archiving.

So just like traditional archiving where papers or documents are archived, web archiving selects, stores, preserves and makes available to the people web information

Usually, access to the web archives is provided for use by the government, businesses, establishments, historians, researchers, and the public.

So web archive is collected and cared for by web archivist.

Differences between Web Archiving and Website Backup

Web archiving: content is viewed easily on the website

Website Backup: content most times needs certain programming tools like scripts to access content.

Web Archiving: is more cost effective

Website backup: is highly expensive.

Web archiving: Do not require very deep technical skill to manage, all you need is just the basic training with the right tools

Website Backup: requires a web manager who must have some key professional skills

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Crucial Benefits of Web Archive

Most organizations create websites to share information with their customers, clients and the public in general

And the critical relevance of the information on the websites represents the public identity and character of the organization.

Hence, everything possible needs to be done to protect and preserve such information.

Therefore the following benefits of web archive cannot be overemphasized

  1. Preserves very important information for individuals, businesses, and governments
  2. And provides the most up-to-date information since sites are updated regularly as Google’s requirement
  3. Serves as historical and research base
  4. Acts as libraries
  5. As well, it helps in sustaining the information needs of businesses for their survival
  6. Also, web archiving can be relatively low cost and efficient

From research, most websites published in the early 80s and 90s are no longer available on the www today.

What does that tell you?

Obviously, this means one day, that valuable information you see on websites will no longer be available on the website.

Besides, the websites themselves maybe off the net for one reason or the other.

Therefore, you need to prepare for that time when the websites will no longer be available on the internet.

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