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How to submit your website to MSN News in few easy Steps in 2021

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 If you own a website or blog by now you should be familiar with the need to submit your website to MSN News.

This need emanate from the fact that every website requires site traffic to be successful online.

Because the more the number of visitors to your online facility (website) the higher the chance of you selling your product to any of the customers that visit.

Take for instance you set up a restaurant, and in a whole day just one person branches there to eat, you should know if you continue that way, the business may likely not survive.

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So what you do is to look for a way to drive human traffic to your shop.

MSN News is a strategic tool that can deliver to your website reasonable quantity of website visitors.

With over 200 million visitors per month, you can be sure of having great amount of site visitors from it.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps in submitting your website to MSN News center.

How to  Submit your website to MSN News hub.

  1. You must ensure that your site URL is submitted to Bing webmaster tools for verification and indexing and bot crawling.

By so doing you will want to ensure that your website obeys all the Bing webmaster guidelines

  • Verify the ownership of your website =using the webmaster tool
  • Submit your website to Bing News PubHub

So to accomplish the task at number 3, above (submit URL to Bing PubHub)we will follow the steps below:

  • Visit  to register
  • Click on Get Started to proceed.
  • Login with any of your email accounts such as Gmail, yahoo, Phone number or Skype ID
  • Alternatively you can create a Microsoft account afresh

After login then continue

  • Type your Website Name
  • Key in your Website URL and select Language and Country.
  • Select your audience coverage ( you can select more than one option)
  • Choose Publication Type, that is form in which your content is designed e.g blog, newsletter etc.

See Figure 1.  Below

Next Steps:

  • Choose your Content Type e.g Text, Photo, video etc.
  • Fill in your Business Address
  • Briefly describe your business; here you use the About Us content on your website. Be brief and concise

See Figure 2 Below

  • For News Sections, type in your , RSS feed link and Sitemap link for the corresponding fields

Remember you must be thorough and detailed to guaranty your site’s approval for MSN News platform.

So let’s ride on.

For Contact:

  • Enter your Business Name, Contact name( your name as the site owner), your Email and your Telephone number
  • Finally, click and read the terms and conditions to know the policies guiding your website’s operation within MSN News platform.
  • Click Agree and Submit button.
  • See the rest of the other figures below for more clarification.

Another image below:

Now, you have completed the process of submitting your website URL to MSN News, well-done.

You therefore wait for between one to two weeks while the Bing Pubhub reviews your application. And approve your website.

We do hope this article was helpful. We will appreciate your drop us a comment in the comment box below to share your thoughts.

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