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Domain Name: Here are 7 Important Things You Must Consider before Paying for One

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A domain name is a name that is used to represent a group of numbers called IP address.

An IP address(internet protocol) is a unique set of numbers assigned to each computer on the internet.

Domain names were created to make IP addresses more human-friendly.

Just think of an IP address as a  street address. They identify where computers are located on the internet.

In order not to make the internet protocols sound complicated or abstract when humans communicate with computers on the network using the internet, domain names were formed to help out in that regards.

A typical IP Address looks like this for a single website.

Therefore, can you imagine being faced with the task of memorizing a seemingly random number like the above IP address of websites you know like,, or even 

So domain name systems (DNS) translate domain name like into IP address for the computer to understand and decode it.

Hence, instead of you to struggle to memorise this IP address, you simply remember

Therefore, Domain name => IP Address= Website

Domain name for your website is very important to your business and goes a long way to affect the progress of your business online.

The essence of creating a website for your business is to market your products and services to more customers irrespective of location.

Unfortunately, choosing a domain name is an essential process many people often take for granted unknowingly.

There are so many drawbacks and consequences if you fail to take appropriate caution and steps in selecting your website domain name ab initio.

In this article, we will teach you 7 very critical things to consider when buying a domain name.

We will as also show you how to register your domain with one of the most reliable and efficient domain registrars on the internet.

Here are the 7 important things to check before parting with your money to get a domain name:

1.       Check Domain Status with WHOIS to know whether the domain you are about to pay for is free or already purchased by another user.

WHOIS is a kind of enquiry and feedback protocol that helps people to check statuses of IP Address , domain name, or an autonomous system.

 If you  visit the WHOIS website, you will enter the domain name you want to pay  for and the site will show all details about the name and state whether or not it is free.

A couple of dishonest guys may want to sell an already purchased domain name to many other unsuspecting users online.

Therefore, you are always strongly advised to do the WHOIS check to ensure the name is available and free.

2.       Go for .COM extension preferably

There are several domain extensions apart from.COM such as .NET, .ORG, .GOV etc. But internet wise, .COM is the clear leader.

In terms of popularity, it is the most popular domain extensions among the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) as popularly called.

It is easier for visitors to consider adding .COM before thinking of any other extension just in case they can’t remember it exactly.

Hence, it is always preferable to choose .COM to others when choosing a domain name.

3.       Business Key Word in Your Domain name

A website keyword is a word or phrases that enable people to find your web content easily when doing an online search.

Including your keyword in your domain name helps in SEO also known as site engine optimization of your website.

The better your website SEO the easier Google will rank your website towards number one on the search list to help online searchers find your products and services faster and without much hassle.

4.       Read the terms and conditions surrounding subsequent fees for renewals and possibly domain transfers.

Most domain registrars may market you cheap stuffs telling you get a domain for as lows as 50 cents in a year or N500 per year just to get you buy into it.

At the expiration of the first year, you see a different renewal feel of $900 US dollars per year for something you got for less than a dollar.

Some will not let you see the hidden details where the hide things like before you transfer your domain name, you must pay a fee of $5,000.

But if you take time to read their terms and conditions, ask all possible questions, you will on your own fish out the entire devil in the details and make an informed decision.

5.       Avoid trademarked website names

To avoid infringements, stay away from trademarked domain names as they are already owned by other companies.

For instance, because  Facebook is popular, do not register a Facebook related domain .

For instance,  it will be a bad idea to register a domain like

This is because when there is a legal issue over conflicting interests on who owns a domain name, the first person to have registered it owns it.

Am sure nobody will like to lose funds and resources that way or in any way at all.

In all just ensure your domain name is memorable, short, clear, if possible pronounceable, can easily be spelled and suggests the nature of business you are into.

6.       Avoid Banned Domain names by Google.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world wide web, with over 6 billion web pages or more hosted, it is the boss when it comes to website ranking.

Google is a no nonsense search engine with strict algorithms to regulate websites contents and behaviors.

Google bans domains that violet its policies and blacklist them.

When such a domain is blacklisted by Google

i.                     the site is no longer allowed to appear on Google search,

ii.                    visitors are discouraged or warned by Google to avoid visiting that site,

iii.                   the site is at some point taken down by Google from appearing on its search pages entirely.

iv.                 Etc.

Therefore you will want to ensure the domain name you about to spend your money and time on is free from Google blacklist.

7.       Register Domain for Longer Duration Like 3 Years

Google most times look at domains registered for shorter periods as illegal domains.

Avoid registering a domain name for less than 12 months. But I recommend a minimum of 2 years or more.

By so doing, Google will feel you are not into sharp practice just to commit a crime and abandon the scene.

Apart from that, you enjoy cheaper billing as most domain registrars offer more affordable prizes at the initial point of purchase of their service.

That will be able to take you two or more years before you arrange some funds to renew and will earn you some credit with Google as far as search ranking is concerned.

How do I register a domain name for my business?

How to register a domain name is a challenge many people struggle with on the internet.

Day by day people wishes to own their own websites to enable them market their business, publish articles, or do anything they feel like doing.

But due to the lack of adequate information, they sometimes get swindled of their funds or they get services that are not commensurate with their investments.

In this section of the article I will teach you in few simple steps how  can register a domain name for your business by yourself.

 I will do that using one of the popular domain registrars, it is reliable with great support

So first go to, and type in the name you wish to choose for your domain, e.g

So in doing that follow the steps below:

1.       Check the availability of the name to know whether you can own it or not by clicking on  SEARCH DOMAIN.

If the domain has already been registered and owned by someone else,  you will be notified and advised with some other options to consider.

And if you find any of the options acceptable, you click add on the one you want .


3.       Here you are to select features for the domain like Privacy Protection(a feature that helps to hide your personal information e.g phone number, email, physical address location from the public.)

Privacy feature is at a cost. So you will choose whether or not you want that.

4.       Proceed to payment page, where you will be asked to confirm details of the service you are paying for.

If you had a Promo Code, good for you as this will save you a couple of dollars .

Needless I emphasize that you may need to check the internet for their promo code before you hit their page for registration of your domain name to save you some money based on discount.

5.       And if details are fine,  you can type in your promo code at the promo code field and receive discount.

6.       Click Proceed to Checkout  to allow you choose payment method, they accept different payment methods.

7.       From here Godaddy will ask you if you are an existing customer or new customer.

 I assume you are new customer so you click on new customer option and fill in some basic details then proceed to payment

8.       Select payment option and make your payment. They accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa card payment  etc.

9.       They will letter ask you to scan your government identity card, international passport or driver’s license to them for verification.

10.   After that is done, your payment is confirmed and your domain becomes ready for use.

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