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Convert Word to PDF Online: here is the fastest and easiest way to do that

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convert word to pdf online

To Convert word to PDF, many will agree with me is a common challenge with people working on documents using Microsoft office.

Microsoft word is one of the office packages used most frequently  in preparing documents hence it is always an issue when people want to convert from it to PDF.

May be we should try to find out why it is rampant for office users to want to convert word to pdf online.

We will do that by looking at the features of the two programs and differentiate  between their functionalities.

While many may know what word and pdf are, not a lot of people  will know what differences exist between them word and pdf document formats.

One important thing about these two software solutions is the fact that they possess different formats.

Differences between Word and PDF

  1. Word is the brainchild of Microsoft Corporation owned by Bill Gates.
  2. PDF also known as Portable Document Format in full which you use Adobe Acrobat to prepare is wholly owned by Adobe Systems.
  3. While Word documents end with the extension .DOC, Portable Document Portable Format ends with .pdf
  4. If you want to edit word document you need to open the Word application to do that, but if you wish to edit PDF , Adobe Acrobat cannot edit the PDF file created.
  5. PDF is open source meaning developers can make editing tools for it.
  6. Microsoft word is proprietary.
  7. PDF has the ability to compress file size and reduce the size reasonably
  8. Word presents files in their original size.
  9. PDF retains all properties of author’s design while moved between personal computers or devices.
  10. Word lacks the ability to retain all properties of the documents when moved between devices.


The main aim of this article remember, is to show us how to convert word to pdf online.

Therefore due to some of the major attributes of PDF files above which Word cannot handle, when a document is prepared in Word, there is always the need to it to PDF.

Many developers have created online solutions to handle that.

Before I proceed, it is important to note that some very recent Microsoft Word versions like form Office 10 up down to the latest now have features that enable one to convert directly to PDF.

However what if you are running an earlier version, we will see here how to convert word  to pdf online.

There are several of websites that offer that service.

Some of them will help you to convert word to pdf online for a fee while others do not charge.

For me the best free website that I use to convert word to pdf online is the smallpdf online solution.

Just hit your browser and follow the steps below:

  1. Type
  2. Select Word To Pdf tab
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Navigate to where the file you want to convert is stored and select it

And  in a split of seconds depending on your file size, the conversion would have been done.

And after converted, you will see a Download File tab, just click on it and your new pdf file will be downloaded for you to use.

I hope this article was helpful.

If you have any enquiry , inputs, suggestion or any area you will like us to research on aside from how to convert word to pdf online, do leave us a comment in our comment box below and we will get back to you soon.

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