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Which Laptop should  I buy? Pls I need Advice

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Do you want a laptop but has no idea which one to buy? You wouldn’t want to save money and end up buying something you do not enjoy?

How about avoiding buying a substandard system that may land you into challenges?

You know gathering funds to purchase a good one during this global economic recession can take a while (depending on your level of income though).

Not everybody can easily afford to walk into a pc store to pick one without first making some savings for a couple of weeks or even months for it.

A computer system must serve a critical purpose. But if after all the hassles to obtain one and it’s found short of delivering on its expected functions, frustration sets in.

Information is critical as buying with knowledge prevents you from regretting at the later end.

In this article, I am  here to give you all the details to guide you in making an informed choice while considering buying a laptop computer.

In an attempt to provide the necessary guidance you need, I appeal for your patience to allow me ask some pertinent questions.

You may not have to answer me directly but respond to my questions while talking to yourself and at the end , we will together find a solution to your need via this article.

Question 1.

Why do you need a laptop?

Do you need a laptop because all your fiends have ,  it is trendy to own a laptop or better still, do you need a laptop because when you go for a  meeting, everybody brings his/her own out but you feel like you are not measuring up or you are been oppressed?

Or , there is a problem you wish to solve with the laptop which encourages you to want one?

If the later reason is your purpose for pushing to get a laptop, then you are not far from being right after all.

First, you must have a problem you wish to solve getting a laptop. Laptops can be used to do  a lot of things to improve your life.

No one of course will like to spend money buying what he or she will not put to proper use.

Traditionally, computers are used to take in inputs, process them and generate outputs inform of information and most often, store the information for future use. They do that through different methods and procedures.

But because laptops have some advantages over desktops such as portability, battery power standby, wi-fi facilities etc, one may find it easier to carry it around, make use of it during electricity outage for some hours, share internet with other computers via wi-fi and so on.

Laptop computers come in different sizes, configurations, makes and even colours.

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Let’s say you run a small grocery store keeping daily sales records manually by taking physical notes of who buys what, you can need a laptop to begin to capture transaction details into the system.

For example, you can run Microsoft excel to store such records, update them frequently and generate different kinds of reports to aid you in your sales analysis and business as a whole.

Now in this case, the type/capacity of laptop you need is different from the one needed by someone who is into video editing business or even graphics design and rendering.

As a matter of fact, someone into video editing or graphic design requires system with much higher configuration, graphic adapters, memory, screen pixel capacity etc.

Question 2.

Do you intend to use your computer with a particular application? The type of application you may want to run on it will determine the operating system the laptop will come with.

For example there may be some customized software with specific requirements that will determine the type/configuration of the laptop you need.

E.g some applications do not work with windows 7,  32-bits rather they function properly with 64-bits. It all depends on system requirement.

Question 3.

Do you lack space in your room, store or office?

On this note you need a smaller screen size laptop. It may not be the best idea to go for a laptop of about 18 inches of screen size and above so as to save space.

As screen size of such magnitude occupies more space.

How about ease of carrying it around? A bulky laptop will be more challenging to move around compared to something smaller and lighter.

Question 4.

What is the light situation in the place you intend to use the laptop? Do you witness low voltage capacity?

On that grounds as well, you need a smaller screen size laptop because the larger the screen size the more the consumption of power, vice versa.

There are actually different scenarios that will determine the type of laptop you will need to go for. So in summary, the laptop that I will recommend for you depends largely on the following factors:

  1. what it is to be used for
  2. your financial capacity
  3. your choice in terms of brand name, size, colour etc

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Therefore it is wise to seek counsel before purchasing anything as you need to have adequate knowledge and proper guidance.

Feel free to ask anything you wish to know more about getting a good laptop for yourself. Free advice is always available via our contact page. Feel free to reach us. Thank you

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