UA-169355374-1 How to fix problem of very slow computer and make it super fast

How to fix problem of very slow computer

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Do you most times grapple with a very annoyingly slow  and sluggish computer? Do you often feel like selling off or even throwing your old slow computer away and wish there was cheaper and faster computers available for you?

You know sometimes you begin to imagine that should you dash the slow computer to someone he/she might still not enjoy using it.

It is very frustrating when a computer boots or even functions slowly. The frustration gets worse when you are in a hurry but need to quickly print a file, copy a document or carry out a smart task.

Then you begin to think of upgrading, replacement of parts or even considering buying a new faster one rather than watching a mouse spinning round and round waiting for computer to travel and return with an answer or output.

No more worries. Think no further as a quick and easy solution is here.

But What if tell you, you could get a new computer system without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Luckily, there is a small wonder device that recently was launched into the market to salvage such situations by making your computer system assume speed of light which is like getting a brand new pc.

The name of this magic device is called Xtrapc.

This is a tiny USB device containing Xtrapc operating system which is developed based on proven foundation of Linux technology to help accelerate and resurrect your slow or dead computer.

It bypasses your old slow windows operating system to turn your computer into a blazing fast  high performing computer system with a new, simple to use operating system that has familiar look and feel of your normal computer.

It works with windows and mac, desktops, laptops or even notebooks. It works with even a computer with failed or missing hard drive.

You existing system is not altered. You have full access to all your files.

The device has the following built in applications:

  1. Web browser
  2. OpenOffice
  3. Email
  4. Dvd Player
  5. Music Player
  6. File Manager
  7. Photo Viewer
  8. Printer
  9. Monitor
  10. Wi-Fi setup

Isn’t this awesome?

It is easy to use.

To use, simply plug it to the USB port of your computer and reboot. Choose booth from USB device and you are there in a matter of seconds.

Simple Steps:

  • Plugin it in
  • Restart your computer
  • Hit the booth menu key
  • Booth into the USB device
  • And start enjoying the device

In this generation of net surfing, social media bubbling, youtube videoing etc, xtrapc is a good companion.  It is worth trying i strongly believe so.

Besides, there are natural habits you can engage in periodically to ensure your system is kept away from frequent slowness.

Below are some basic steps:

  1. Update your operating system.

Keep in mind that some updates from your operating system servers e.g microsoft updates for windows are meant to protect and enhance your computer system, when updates are not applied regularly, your system is bound to start being slow.

2. Install a very efficient antivirus program

This helps to block malicious scripts with virus and warms that may harm your system sometimes crashing it outrightly or making it to become slow.

3. Avoid heavy files stored on your internal system memory.

This affects the processing speed of your computer and overutilizes resources thereby slowing down the performance of the system.

4. Avoid creating duplicate files. You know it is easy to unconsciously create duplicate copies of the same file stored on your computer. Avoid such as it makes your system to drag when file copies become much.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Do leave us a comment if you have any enquiry or input.


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