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Etisalat Data

Etisalat is among the GSM companies operating currently in Nigeria for some years now.  Their services are quite efficient(according to most of their subscribers) and has a subscriber base of about 22 million as at June 2016 (NCC 2016 report).

Originally from middle east, Etisalat came into the gsm market in Nigeria with special bonuses and lots of goodies for its new subscribers a few years back, and today they have won the hearts of many.

Their technical support service is swift and efficient.

Customer care contacts:

Dial 200 from your Etisalat phone and follow the voice prompt to receive all the support you need.








Data Plan Data Size Price(N) USSD Sms to 229 Validity
Dailt 10MB 10MB N50 *229*3*8# ml 3 24Hours
Daily 50MB 50MB N100 *229*3*1# ml 1 24Hours
Weekly 200MB 200MB N200 *229*2*10# LCD 7Days
Monthly 500MB 500MB N500 *229*2*12# LCD2 30Days
Monthly 1.5GB 1.5GB N1,000 *229*2*7# AND1 30Days
Monthly 3.5GB 3.5GB N2,000 *229*2*8# AND2 30Days
Monthly 6.5GB 6.5GB N3,500 *229*2*9# AND3 30Days
Monthly 16GB 16GB N8,000 *229*2*5# MB6 30Days
Monthly 22GB 22GB N10,000 *299*4*1# SM1 30Days
1GB Weekend 1GB N500 *5995*2# Fri 11:59pm –

Sun 11:59pm

Deactivate *229# STOP
Balance Check *228#

Etisalat data speed is reliable and efficient. It is fast in most locations where their base stations are close by. Although in weak signal locations, they are a bit slow and  frustrating.

Enjoy 250% bonus on recharges:

Your Recharge etisalat Other networks
250% 200% 500% 500%
400 recharge








Recharge validity



=58 mins




=146 mins





=50 mins




=125 mins





=50 mins




=124 mins





=58 mins




=146 mins




Perhaps two out of all Etisalat’s platforms that I like so much are Cliqlite  and With Cliq  Parental Control Service.

Cliqlite is a superb educational platform for kids and teens. This service allow children to play games that improve on their learning capabilities. That is a spot where we find educative and IQ-boosting games for children.

Also, on the platform, you will find thousands of sample questions for some core subjects such as mathematics to help children to practice how to  solve complex mathematical problems and improve  their subject abilities.

There are formulae for some primary subjects like chemistry as well to work with you.

Cliqlite platform is easy, fun, interactive and awesome education arena for kids and teens.


  • With as low as N50, you get:
  • Complimentary Data
  • Approved textbooks and primary and secondary school
  • Past questions
  • Interactive videos and simulations
  • Exciting educational games, comic books and more.

How to activate

  1. Buy and register an Etisalat sim
  2. Dial 200 and press 5 to select Cliqlite
  3. For existing customers *244*10#


With Cliqlite Parental Control

This feature is a great feat by Etisalat especially to parents. There quite a lot of parents with worries on how to monitor and control their children’s communication in this perverse generation.

The world keeps getting more and more unsafe for children thereby creating the need for parents wanting to know who communicates with their children or wards.

This etisalat data service is aimed at ensuring parents control and have fillers of who relates with their children.

Now parents can have rest of mind with this service as this will afford them the opportunity to engage their time thinking more strategically on other important things knowing they are aware of who calls their child.

To activate service, Text HELP to 704 . The service if free in the first 1 full month.

In all, Etisalat Data service is one of the friendliest in town.

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