Network disaster recovery plan you must take seriously to protect your business

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Network disaster recovery plan

Form a Disaster Recovery Team:

The management of the organisation has to constitute a disaster recovery team that will help in the whole disaster recovery operations.

This team should be made up of core members from all departments with representative from the top management and headed mostly by the Head of ICT department of the organsation.

The team will be saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation and progress of the network disaster recovery plan.

Carry Out Risk Assessment:

There is always the need for risk analysis and business impact analysis to be conducted, which will cover the entire scope of possible disasters, both natural and manmade.

With such proper analysis, it is easier to proffer measures that can protect certain resources before, during and after the disaster .

Prioritize Processes and Operations:

Each department’s critical requirements must be traced out with reference to items like processes, data, documentation, services, operations, key resources and policies/procedures. This is to assist in ensuring workflow follows top priority activities and make the work easier.

Data Collection:

The entire data about the organisation must be compiled and documented which will include but not limited to  the following

  • inventory of forms
  • policies
  • equipment
  • communications
  • important telephone numbers
  • contact details and customer details
  • equipment
  • systems
  • applications and resources description
  • onsite and offsite location
  • details of backup storage facility and retention schedules
  • other materials and documentation

Creating the Disaster Recovery Plan:

At this point, it is time to create the network disaster recovery plan. The plan must be created in a standard and simplified format avoiding ambiguity.

The plan must detail essential processes and procedures with concise explanations. The plan should show step-by-step details of what must be done during the event of the disaster.

The plan as well should have a procedure for maintaining and updating of the plan periodically.

The network disaster recovery team is to regularly review the plan and implementation to ensure everything goes according to schedule.

 Plan Testing:

The last step on the list is to test the developed network disaster recovery plan to guarantee it’s functionality and efficiency.

The testing exercise will provide an opportunity for changes and possible adjustments of parameters and processes for better and efficient plan.

Different test models can be engaged which may include Simulation test, checklist tests, Parallel test, Full interruption tests etc.

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